This & that…

smile(1) If you have only one smile in you, GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. —– Maya Angelou.

(2) People with CHARACTER and COURAGE always seem ‘sinister’ to the rest. ——— Herman Hesse.

(3) ONION NOTE :  Notebook manufacturer, Magnus Ferreus, has created the world’s first “emotion-stirring” notebook, that would make you cry whenever you write in it.  The pages of the ONION NOTE are coated with same compounds that make your eyes water when cutting onions.  These compounds are released by the friction of writing and evaporate into the air to make one ‘cry’ when one scribbles in it.

(4) After long searches here and there, in temples and churches ……… at last you come back, completing the circle from where you started, TO YOUR OWN SOUL and find that He, is nearest to the near ——— IN YOUR OWN SELF —— Swami Vivekananda.
Swami_Vivekananda-1893-09-signed(5) The first Irishman to win an Oscar was Barry Fitzgerald for the film “Going My Way” (1944).  The first Irishwoman to win an Oscar was Brinda Fricker, best supporting actress for “My Left Foot” (1989).

(6) S. S. Montrose was the 1st ship to carry the telegram system, invented by Marconi.  Doctor Crippen, who was fleeing to Canada, after murdering his wife in London, was recognised by the Captain and he sent a telegram to Scotland Yard.  This was the world’s first “electronic conviction”.

(7) Ask any man and he will tell you that any woman’s ultimate fantasy is to have 2 men at once.  While this has been verified by a recent sociological study, it appears that most men do not realise that in this fantasy, “one man is cooking and the other is cleaning”.
(8) You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but, you do have some say in “who hurts you”.  I like my choices.  —John Green.
(9) Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase it, WE CAN CATCH EXCELLENCE. —– Vince Lombardi.

(10) What will a dog do if he loses his tail ?  He will go to a re-TAIL store.

(11) What really is DOUBT and what is FAITH ?  DOUBT creates the “darkest moments in our finest hour”, while FAITH creates the “finest moments in our darkest hour”.

(12) Zebras and Ostriches hang out together, each compensating for the other.  Ostriches have “amazing eye-sight”, but don’t ‘hear’ or ‘smell’ too well.  Zebras can’t  ‘see well’, but their ‘smell’ and ‘hearing’ are “keen”.  With ‘combined powers’, predators can be ‘smelt’, ‘heard’ and ‘seen’.

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