Mountain of holy spring

Shivagange 1
We all know that if butter is heated, it becomes ghee.  But, we often wonder whether we can extract butter if ghee is condensed.  Sounds strange.  People flock to Shivagange with ghee and this ghee is placed on a stone and it turns into butter.  This may be a myth, but this place is famous for this myth, and hundreds visit this place just to see this mystery unfold.
Shivagange is a mountain peak with a height of 1368 meters and Hindu pilgrimage center located near Dobbaspet, in Bangalore Rural District in india. It is situated 8 km from the town of Tumkur and 54 km from Bangalore.
 Shivagange is a place which has a lot of myths.  The hillock looks like Shivalinga and locals believe that the spring nearby is holy and call it Ganga, thereby giving the place its name.
This place is an ideal destination for trekking.  Located at an altitude of 1,368 meters above sea level, the place poses a number of challenges.  The first part of the hill is easy to climb.  As you reach further, the trekking becomes a vertical climb.  You need to have real stamina to reach the summit.
As you are about to reach the summit, you will encounter one more marvel, a huge bell hanging from a rock.  One wonders how someone could have hung the bell in such a way.
The destination point is a narrow rock.  Here the trekkers encounter a strong breeze, but the real challenge is posed by simians.  They are so strong that they stop the trekkers and check if they are carrying any food.  And if they find any food items shivagange bellson you, they will never let you go until you surrender the items.  So, never bring any food items with you.  That is only a minor nuisance.  Shivagange is a geographically important place as the river Kumudvati takes its birth here.  Kumudvati is a tributary of Arkavati and joins the river at Thippegondanahalli.  The place was under the control of Hoysala Kings, and legend has it that Queen Shantala, wife of Vishnuvardhana, committed suicide by jumping from this hill out of depression , as she could not give birth to a son, and the place is identified as Shanthala Drop.  The hill was fortified during the 16th century by Shivappa Nayaka.  The founder of Bengaluru, Magadi Kempegowda, improved the fort and kept a portion of his treasure in this fort.  Sadly, the fort is now in ruins.
—- Sridhar Vivan

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