Break the walls


A seed of any kind in the world can find its ultimate potential through simple nourishment.  A mango tree just needs soil and nourishment, it does not need a guru for its fruits to become sweet.  When this is so, why human beings, who have the highest potential of all life on this planet, are unable to get to this  ultimate nature ?  What is the nature of this trap ?  Why is outside help needed ?  Why can’t it be an inside job ?
Human beings remain imprisoned.  The very nature of this prison is such that it does not provide tools to break through.  If it has to be an inside job, at least a substantial number of prisoners should get together and push the gates or walls of the prison, but f an individual prisoner makes an attempt all by himself, the chances of him getting out of the prison is remote.
The moment you are trapped in this mechanism of “myself” you will not even realise that there is a possibility beyond the way you exist.  What you call as “myself” is self-created because who you are right now is just a memory of the past.  Everything that you are right now is just a memory.
bratin_khan~enlightenmentThis huge heap of impressions, which has been manipulated into different shapes and forms according to your thought and emotions have become such a complex prison.  For you to figure out your way through is not possible because who you are, is controlled by these impressions.  You have built a prison not with the intention of imprisoning yourself.  It has been built with the intention of self-preservation.
The walls that you build for self-preservation are also the walls of self-imprisonment.  It just takes a little while to realise it.  Once you build this wall with a complex amalgamation of memory, imagination and emotion, your very software is not geared to cross this wall.
You are not even going to knock your head on the wall because your software is only geared to run within the walls.  Unless you become conscious of those dimensions of memory which are on the unconscious levels of your memory bank, you don’t even touch the wall, you never make an attempt to escape.
So, outside help from somebody who is not in the same limitations, somebody who is not imprisoned within himself, somebody who is not contained by the physical cage of the body, someone who is free becomes inevitable and necessary.   This is the reason why the wise traditions, particularly of the East have always insisted on an enlightened guru or if he passes on, a strong sangha, or a satsang, where people are together as one.
——– Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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