This & That…

(1) To succeed in life you need three bones : A WISH bone, a BACKbone and a FUNNYbone.
(2) Learn to be happy alone.  If you master this skill, trust me, nobody can take away your happiness away from you.  Be your own best friend, enjoy your own company and BE HAPPY.
(3) Any new idea or project is like a new-born sapling —– frail and fragile.  It needs utmost care and protection.  Exposing it, too soon, to the harsh sunlight and wind, can be DESTRUCTIVE TO ITS GROWTH. —– Amrit Sadhana.
(4) Dogs watch more TV now, because high-definition flat screens allow them to watch almost as clearly as humans, unlike the older ones (TV) with fewer frames per second.
 (5) Home is not where you live, but WHERE THEY UNDERSTAND YOU.
(6)  Tears irrigate the Bible : Esau weeps due to betrayal (Gen 27:38), David at Absalom’s death (2 Samuel 18:33), Peter after denying Jesus (Matthew 26:75)  We are pilgrims in this VALLE LACRYMARUM (Vale of Tears).  Tears are therapeutic for body and soul.  They help us cope with emotional storms.
 (7) Never judge : A BOOK by its COVER, a DOG by its BARK and a GIRL by her LOVER.
(8) COMMON SENSE, in an UNCOMMON DEGREE is what the world calls WISDOM. —-Coleridge.
(9) How do you keep your feet from getting cold ? Don’t go around Brr-foot.
(10) Never approach : A BULL from the FRONT, a HORSE from the REAR and a FOOL from ANY DIRECTION. — Confucius.

Tower Bridge of London

(11) Let no man pray that he know not sorrow.  Let no soul ask to be free from pain.  For the GALL of TODAY is the SWEET of TOMORROW and the MOMENTS of LOSS is the LIFETIME’S GAIN. —- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
(12) SOCCER is a Gentleman’s game played by HOOLIGANS and RUGBY is a Hooligan’s game played by GENTLEMEN.
(13) If you don’t pay your exorcist, YOU GET RE-POSSESSED.
(14) A baby’s ability to recognise the mother and a mother’s obsession with the child —— are both linked to the same part of the brain —– AMYGDALA.
(15) Man is born BROKEN, he lives BY MENDING.  The Grace of God IS THE GLUE.
(16) A LIBERAL is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel. —-Robert Frost.
(17) If you are going to make Rahul Dravid the face of Asian Paints, why bother having him stand in front of another wall ?
(18) INSOMNIA is nature’s way of saying, “You’re not done bugging people for the day.”
(19) Grant me the SENILITY to forget the people I never liked, the GOOD FORTUNE to remember the ones I do and the EYESIGHT TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE.
(20) The human being is a TRIUNE of body, mind and soul.  The BODY is the outer cover of the inner person and is called KSHETRA (field), while the inner being (the soul, the dweller of the body is known as KSHETRAJNA.  Body and Soul are woven together with the THREAD of BUDDHI (intelligence) and the NEEDLE of CITTA (consciousness).

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  1. No truer words could have been said than those you have spoken here. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for following what we are doing here at the VABWM. Please click here and receive my personal welcome message.

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