This & That…

(1) Begin your day with meditation and a mantra :  I love the world, I love my life and I love this universal energy.  Saying this aloud brings about a smile from within, which leads perfectly on to a heartfelt rush of gratitude.  Create a snapshot in your mind’s eye, which gets triggered by —- a stranger’s smile, bird songs or the wind flying through the trees.
(2) The Wandering Albatross, with a wing-span of 12ft, the largest of any living bird, can glide through the air for hours —without flapping its wings.
Wandering Albatross Kaikoura 19 Nov 12_990(3) Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist, while you guys were arguing about the glass of water —– I DRANK IT. ——-The Opportunist.
(4) Affirmations : Having little positive affirmations around you, that you can see and read everyday, can actually completely change your mood and help you stay ‘focused’ and ‘positive.  Find your inner philosopher and write something amazing.  Use ‘quotes’ to inspire others, to change your mood, to stay on track towards your goals.  ‘Quotes’ can also help to remind you about how blessed you are with where you are in life and the things you have achieved.
(5) In times of joy, all of us wish we possessed a TAIL WE COULD WAG.— Wystan Hugh Auden.
(6) FOCUS on what is IMPORTANT, CAPTURE the GOOD TIMES and DEVELOP from the NEGATIVES and if things don’t work —— TAKE ANOTHER SHOT.


(7) What lies on the ground, 100 feet in the air ?  A centipede sun-bathing.
(8) You don’t get ulcers from what you eat, you get them from what’s eating you.
(9) Avoid the word “very”, because it’s ‘lazy’.  A man is not ‘very’ tired, he is ‘exhausted’.  Don’t use ‘very’ sad, use ‘morose’,  Language was invented for one reason, boys, —- to woo women —– and, in that endeavour, laziness will not do.
(10) Repeat to yourself every night : Sleep peacefully, wake up feeling good, refreshed and energised..  This helps you fall asleep quicker, focusses your mind and encourages a self-hypnotic state of relaxation —— easing away the stress accumulated through the day.  Dreams are vivid and can carry information or messages and are excellent resources of discovering untapped creativity and potential in us.

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