Authentic Mexican dishes

Blast from the past…


(1) MOLE :  It is a sauce containing a complex mixture of more than 20 ingredients, ranging from chilli pepper to chocolate.  Also referred to as MOLE POBLANO, this thick and tasty sauce is served over turkey, chicken, pork or even rice.
(2) TAMALES : is a traditional Mexican dish, made usually with corn dough, called MASA. It is either wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.  This preparation is interesting because it can be eaten with chicken, turkey, eggs, honey, fruits or beans —- as fillings.  TAMALE could be paired with ATOLE, a thick hot chocolate-flavoured drink made from watery corn-starch, which is a by-product of TAMALE preparations.
(3) POZOLE : Known to be the traditional pre-Columbian stew from Mexico, POZOLE is made from hominy corn.  This is stewed for hours, sometimes even overnight, with either chicken, pork or just vegetables.  Once it is thick and smooth, other seasonings…

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