This & That…

(1) An Ayurvedic Proverb : When the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use ; when the diet is right, medicine is of no need.
(2) An untrained person could be killed in these woods, but, there is little “danger for a ranger”.
(3) The best option is to remain “centred in the heart”, which is always ‘silent’, ‘intuitive’ and ‘alert’.  The mind is a ‘chatterbox’ and the heart cannot ‘chatter’, but, it makes it possible for miracles to happen.  Let your success talk about itself, it is more eloquent than 1000s of words.
(4) Writing an ‘A’ on your dish rag, would make it a “towel with a vowel”.
(5) A British Company has launched a range of premium tea-bags (herbal) for dogs.  There are 7 varieties and promises to give your pet ——- better breath, improved digestion and a shinier coat.  The tea cost as much as 11.99 pounds for 28 bags.
(6) Hansel Mehta’s “Citylights” is a film that belongs to the category of films that put truths on the table and dares to touch you with reality rather than fantasy.  It is not a comforting film.  It rips into your apathy and forces you to look at those invisible people, on whose shoulders the very core of the city rides, with new eyes.  The movie manages to reconnect one to those ’emotional wells ‘ within, which we have wilfully ‘walled up’.  Here is a movie for the soul.
CityLights(7)” Verbal abuse” can leave huge scars, just “physical abuse” does.
(8) In the Amazon rainforests, live a certain species of butterflies that drink a turtle’s tears.
(9) Life is ‘shocking, but you must never appear to be shocked.  For, no matter how bad it is —– it could be worse, and no matter how good it is —– it could be better.
(10) What do these words have in common ? —— Banana, Grammar, Revive, Onion, Dresser, Potato, Assess. —— If you move the first letter, of the word to the end, it forms the same word “backward”.
(11) Spring Rains are “inspiring”, Summer Rains are “invigorating”, Fall Rains are “quiet & restful”, but, November Rains are “nothing”.
(12) What do clouds wear under their shorts ? —- Thunder Pants.
(13) Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder
But may also be in the looking-glass
Vanity thinks it will never grow older
And yet, the judgement will come to pass.
(14) A 600 pound octopus can squeeze through a hole —– the size of a coin.
(15) Einstein, when asked to describe Radio, said, “You see, wire telegraph is like a very, very long cat.  You pull his tail in New York, and his head is meowing in Los Angeles,  And, Radio, operates exactly the same way : You send signals here —– they receive them there.  The only difference : There is no cat.
(16) In “action”, a “great heart” is the chief qualification .  In “work”, a “great head”.
(17) Don’t gamble, unless you can afford to lose: if you can afford to lose, you don’t have to gamble.
(18) “Sudoku” isn’t a Japanese game.  It’s an American invention.  Howard Garns created it as “Number Place” in 1979, but died in 1989, before Japanese publisher —- Nikoli —- got hold of it.  The game didn’t really take off until 2004, though when Wayne Gould convinced The Times, in London, to publish it.
(19) We have no ‘defect’ that could not become a ‘strength’ ; no ‘strength’ that could not become a ‘defect’.
(20) Commitment, gone mad, is no excuse to get mad at commitment.  We need a “Converted Karl Marx”, a “Healed Hitler” or an “Alexander the Righteous”.

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