A power greater than our own

When we play a game, we often become so engrossed in it that we forget everything else.  In the same way, we become so engrossed in our daily lives that we forget who we really are.  That forgetfulness cuts us off from our true power. –
In a parable, the vine provides nutrients and life to a branch, without which its vine is merely a dead twig.  We, too, must connect to a flow of energy from a power greater than our own. –


For those who are connected to a spiritual path, the ‘Guru’ is the ‘vine’, the ‘source of power’ that sustains.  When we cut ourselves from the source that sustains us, we are left with the ‘power of ego’  The ‘ego’ has its realm, mainly in a small area of human activity involving intellect, choice and the ability to function in society.  But, if we consider the many basic bodily processes that are not under our conscious control, such as breathing, circulation, digestion and the beating of the heart, we see that their is a deeper power sustaining us.  God does nearly everything, leaving only the tiniest part to us.
When we assemble all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, except the last one, we turn the final piece in many different ways and, eventually, with a sense of accomplishment say, “I’ve done it”.  God does 999 pieces of the puzzle, and when we put the last piece in place, we say, “I did it all myself”.
Our ‘egos’ are like little jets of flame on a gas burner : each one has the appearance of individuality, each is, in fact, but a spurt of the unifying gas underneath.  As our consciousness expands, we become more and more aware of our connection to the Divine Source.


To open ourselves more fully to that source, we need to realise first that we have much more ‘inner strength’ when we realise —– that the energy, intelligence and will we are using come from an ‘infinite ocean’.  Our will power is like a ‘faucet’.  As we open the valve, more and more water flows through.
Second, we have to connect to the deeper, more expansive parts of ourselves.  This we can do by overcoming the delusion that we alone are the doer.  God is the Doer through us.
Third, we need to attune our consciousness to the ‘Guru’, who could help us realise our ‘divinity’.  Fourth, we need devotion  It is through the love of our hearts that we open a channel to that sustaining power.  Grace then comes in, like sunlight through a window, and changes our consciousness.
 Finally, we need to meditate deeply, and thus experience God’s energy as the sound of “AUM” or as light.  We expand, not only by contacting that power, but also by offering ourselves into it.  It’s like the branch and its leaves offering energy back to the vine that sustains it.  As we deepen our connection with the Divine, finally, we learn that there is no “I and Thou”.  There is only the one Source.  Then, with a flood of love, we re-establish our union with God and find our true power.
——– Jyotish Novak.  

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