Whirl in stillness

It is amazing how many people are caught up in emotional turbulence, seemingly unable to rest their stormy minds and hearts enough to set a steady pace to life and their own selves.  Moving in and out of relationships, switching jobs, hobbies, engagements or targets ———— or simply just changing moods ————– they just jettison off on their varied trajectories before whirling back into a mutual sphere again.
This is the kin of restlessness and emotional unease usually associated with adolescence, which is a time of insecurity.  So then, why are people in their 30s, and beyond, caught in an emotional whirl and leading insecure, volatile lives ?  Inhabiting chaotic, purposeless emotional landscapes masses relationships, friendships and our very lives. —–The solution is not in quelling the chaos ——– who needs a sedate, boring life ?  It is in harnessing the turbulence to meet our purpose.  So blinded are we by images of plenty and runaway success that we forget the true meaning of happiness, chasing an elusive goal rather than focussing on the present and the achievable.  The chaos can be harnessed to enhance the meaning of life as we live it.  With keen alertness and awareness, we can turn the direction of the turbulent waters to nourish and nurture, rather than destroy us.


There is nothing wrong in movement, in the chaos or whirl itself, so long as it follows logic and has a sense of purpose.  We inhabit a planet that is part of a whirling cosmic choreography.  We ourselves are made of atoms that include constantly-revolving electrons, protons and neutrons.    Our blood revolves within our body, nourishing it and keeping us alive. But then, each of these whirls serves a purpose.  And, so can the whirling of our minds and thoughts, only if we consciously anchor the same.
Just like the whirling dervishes.  A friend who relates with mystics and Sufis spoke about a fascinating detail of how in olden times, a nail would be driven into the ground between the toes of a dervish to ensure that his left foot never left the ground during his ecstatic whirl.  The fixed left foot as the dervish takes his twirl, symbolises his grounding on Earth.  Jalaluddin Rumi said the whirling dervishes represent the solar system, and during the dance make contact with divinity and end up creating new worlds.
So the whirl has a purpose —– a movement that is not just circular, but kind of spiralling —— rising, growing, expanding —— towards divinity and creation.  A dance that may seem pointless to some, much like the whirls we executed as children before flopping giddily on the grass, is actually a mystical journey within one’s own self, and a reaching out to God.
So then what is wrong with a whirling mind ?  With just a change of perspective, we can shift the chaos to a creative turbulence that precedes the creation of all things beautiful.  So long as we have our conscious, safe anchors, the mental and emotional turbulence we carry around with us we can serve a great purpose too.
 “How can my soul be still when I am whirling in stillness ? (Rumi)

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