Spa for the soul

We live in an age of doubts, confusion and criticism, where questions are often raised about the existence of God and methods of prayers offered.
Akshardham12First of all comes the million-dollar question : Does God exist ?
Vivekananda once defined darkness as the absence of light and cold as the absence of heat.
Taking a cue from him, we can define God as a presence of energy and faith as an absence of doubt.  The next question follows : If the energy is within us and our Soul or Atman is part of the Parmatman, then why do we build places of worship to establish communication with Him, and that too when most of the popular abodes of the Almighty are situated in remote locations or in high mountains ?
The reason why we visit places of worship, because the stone walls of the temple have absorbed the positive vibrations of prayers and thanksgiving sent by millions of devotees who come here.  Perhaps, the walls have even absorbed all the energies that the worshippers radiated.
After all, rarely would a person enter the hallowed premises of any place of worship with emotions of anger, revenge or any other kind of negative feeling.  So, logically the place would be overflowing with positive thoughts, humility and tranquillity.  The same would be absorbed and radiated back to subsequent worshippers.
Church_of_the_Infant_JesusThe idol of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum becomes the focal point.  It absorbs, radiates, re-absorbs and re-radiates.  So, going to places of worship is the best possible way to recharge your dwindling batteries of energy, hope and faith.  They are “spas” that rejuvenate your soul.  The best part is that this “energy therapy”  comes “free”, and if anyone tells you that you need to pay a price for it by way of donations and offerings, then he is conning you.
 Have you ever realised that after a long walk, you feel light and healthy ?  That is because the activity helps you shed your troubles and travails.  Perhaps that was the reason why our forefathers built places of worship in faraway places, away from the humdrum of daily life.  The long walk to the shrine was intended to be therapeutic.  It lifted you out of your lethargy, gave you a purpose and focussed your thoughts on that which was closest to your heart at that point of time, thus giving you clarity of vision and determination of purpose. –
So, don’t hesitate to establish your connect with the Creator.  Reach out and feel the all-pervading energy that makes the world go around.
—————- D. D. Sharma.  

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