Healing sounds


There is a basic misunderstanding about singing that one should have a good voice.  This grave misunderstanding inhibits people from a most natural instinct to sing.  Look at the birds who welcome their day singing and bid farewell the same way.  Scientists have found that their chirping is very essential for our well-being.
Paul Newham, the creator of “Voice Movement Therapy” believes that good health requires not only a sensible diet and exercise, but also singing.  His book teaches a series of exercises based on “vocal healing traditions” from indigenous cultures.  Newham claims that the voice is  a powerful healing instrument that can be used to tame anger, grief shame and other negative emotions.
When Sigmund Freud developed his revolutionary model for treating psychological problems, he called it “the talking cure”.  Freud embraced the ancient Greek concept of catharsis, while ignoring how it was originally practised through the expression of extreme vocal sounds, which resembled songs more than words.
Amrit Sadhana says, ” I didn’t know all about this when I started my sessions of HEALING SOUNDS.  I realised that the impact of simple sounds can take people deep into meditation.  What I did was play a well-tuned “tanpura” and let the participants listen to it for a while.  The drone of the “tanpura” creates a “sonic canvas”, which is rich in overtones.  These overtones penetrate deep inside the cells of the body and trigger emotions hidden in there.”
She continues, ” When they start singing some phrases with me that emerge in the movement, the sound and its feeling penetrates their being, and very soon they come across a “block” in the chest or the throat or some other part of the body.  This “block” actually is a “wound” created by suppressing singing since their childhood.  Every child is asked to shut up when he or she wants to open its mouth and vent is feelings. The inhibitions and misconceptions of elders are transferred to the child and the child is asked to suppress his/her voice.  It is not only music that is suppressed, but the whole outlet to creativity and self-expression is stifled.  People grow up carrying these “wounds” within and miss the joy of life.  A little encouragement to open their mouth and express their heart unplugs so much creative energy.  It is unbelievable.”
” Then I came to know why Osho has used music so much to support meditation.  He says, “Move with music and allow its vibrations.  In fact, the whole existence consists of nothing but vibrations —– millions of forms, except the forms consist of different types of vibrations.”
Hence, music is tremendously meaningful because it can vibrate you.  It can bring pulsation to many layers of your being which have become stale and stagnant.  It can create ripples in your innermost core.  Those ripples will go deeper and deeper.  They will touch your very core, your very centre.
Here is a sample I gleaned from You Tube:


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