Wonders of nature

Nature’s canvas is so breath-taking and astounding that it leaves one awe-struck.

Believed to have been formed 760,000 years ago, the MONO LAKE, in California, is a noted bird-watching destination.  A spectacular feature of this lake is that it also has many tufa rock formations which are a result of rich calcium deposits and carbonates that have resulted in limestone towers.
FROST FLOWERS at Diamond , Missouri, US
Cunila origanoides

A natural phenomena witnessed between fall and early winter, when the temperature and environmental moisture is just so, resulted in such “frosted flowers” that melt away as the temperature rises over the day.
Bio-luminescence at LA JOLLA CAVE, San Diego

The stunning cove and beach in LA JOLLA experiences this psychedelic phenomena called “bio-luminescence” which produces “luminescent streaks” in the sea and makes it look like something out of a science fiction movie.
DEAD SEA, Jordan

A popular tourist pull for Jordan, the DEAD SEA is famous for being one where one can float given the high saline level of the water.

Also called the SOREQ CAVE, the AVSHALOM CAVE in Israel is 91-metre-long psychedelic wonderland with stalactites and stalagmites galore.  These caves were discovered, accidentally, through a quarry blast in the area and after10 years of research it was opened for public viewing.
PINK LAKE in Australia

Quite like the colour of strawberry bubble gum, the Lake Hiller, in Western Australia is famous for being one of the most stunning pink lakes across the world.
The united colours of CANO CRISTALES


This Columbian river located inside the National Park Serrania de la Macarena in Meta is popularly called “the river of five colours”.  A unique species of plant that lines this river floor called Macarenia Clavigera, turns “electric red” in colour during the short span between the wet and dry season.  This is offset by blotches of yellow and green sand, blue water and a million shades in between.  The psychedelic rainbow-effect can be witnessed for a few weeks from September through November.

Striped colourful icebergs can be seen while travelling south of Antarctica.  Sometimes, when the ice melts and re-freezes over time to form icebergs, dirt and some other particles get stuck in it creating multi-coloured stripes on the surface.
7-COLOURED EARTH in Chamarel, Mauritius
7-colored earth Mauritius

This small village in Mauritius is popular with tourists who visit this place to check out the numerous colours of the earth.  A popular souvenir to pick while visiting this place would be tubes with multi-coloured earth.
SMOKING CRATERS in Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

The stunning volcano is nestled inside the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Java, Indonesia.  Since this volcano could be active at times, it may not be open to visitors.  This also happens to be an important pilgrimage place for Javanese Hindus.

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