India rediscovered

Blast from the past…


Little known spots have topped the ‘must-see’ lists of intrepid travellers, as we uncover stunning destinations that stand testimony to India’s natural beauty.
(1) 360 degree LETI, UTTARAKHAND
interior of guest cottage 2
For those tired of vacations being spoiled by loud, pesky kids of fellow tourists, this place is perfect.  Nestled high up in the Kumaon hills, it is almost too difficult for young kids to reach.  Even for most able-bodied adults, an 8-hour car ride ending with one-and-a-half-hour uphill trek to reach the cottages is not easy.  But the pay-out : Meals prepared by a former Tibetan monk, fine wine and blissful solitude.  The 360 degrees mountain views aren’t too shabby either.
Located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, it is known as one of the hidden treasures of Darjeeling, or in other words, one of those places still safe from accumulated touristy junk.  The residents of this…

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