Fascinating train journeys – Part 2

(You can read Part 1 of the article HERE)

The Desert Queen

(11) THE DESERT QUEEN : {Jaipur – Jaiselmer }——-Watch the city lights shrink into the horizon as you journey through a semi-arid desert peppered with golden sand dunes and thorny acacia trees, enlivened by women in brilliantly-hued local garb, men in colourful turbans and plodding camels.  At the temple Town of OSIAN, get a glimpse of the largest dune of the Thar Desert.


(12) THE MATHERAN HILL RAILWAY : (Neral – Matheran ) ——— One of the nicest ways to get to the forest hill station of Matheran nestled in the Western Ghats, the Matheran Hill Railway’s heritage train passes through large swathes of misty forests and cascading green hillsides offering panoramic views and unmatched tranquillity.  Just the perfect note to kick-start a weekend.


(13) MALNAD MAGIC : { Hassan – Mangalore } —– Get a glimpse of nature’s best as the train chugs through 57 tunnels, glides over bridges and offers a fascinating of the hulking high mountain shrouded in verdant forests riddled with spectacular waterfalls. Picturesque green paddy fields and Areca nut plantations dot this route with the best stretch lying between Sakleshpur and Subramanya station.

Chambal Express

(14) THE CHAMBAL EXPERIENCE : { Agra to Gwalior } —– Witnessing dramatic changes in the landscape is what makes the train journey through the stark ravines of the Great Chambal Beehad so special.  Watch the undulating terrain of this dramatic, and harsh landscape go by, a place which was once the refuge of Chambal’s infamous dacoits like Phoolan Devi.


(15) THE KERALA ANUBHAVAM : { Ernakulam – Kollam – Trivandrum } —– Take a peek into the life of rural Kerala, witness the locals working in the lush green paddy fields and feast your eyes on the sparkling backwaters fringed by swaying palms as you pass through Ernakulam to reach Trivandrum via Kollam.  With a plethora of sights to enjoy, this very pleasant train journey is definitely worth taking.

Kangra valley

(16) THE KANGRA VALLEY ODYSSEY : { Pathankot – Kangra – Palampur – Jogindernagar } —– The Kangra Valley Railway lies in the breath-taking valleys of the DHAULADHAR RANGE, unsurpassed for its alluring grandeur with the majestic BAN GANGA GORGE and the deep Kangra CHASM as the two piece-de-resistance of the journey.  Gaze as long as you like at the ever present panorama of snow-clad ranges, crystal-clear mountain brooks and the gold green fields as the little train trundles by.

Vasco-Londa Goa express

(17) THE GOAN EXPERIENCE : {Vasco Da Gama — Londa Junction} —– Lose yourself in the impeccable splendour of the Western Ghats as the Goa Express takes you from lively beaches to the precarious curves of the rugged mountainside.  Travel through unspoilt Goan villages and savour the beauty of the vibrant biodiversity of the Ghats.  Feel the misty spray of DUDHSAGAR WATERFALL on your face as you pass by one of India’s most exquisite waterfalls.

Chilika Lagoon

(18) HUES & VIEWS OF CHILIKA : { Bhubaneshwar – Brahmapur } —– Take a morning ride from Bhubaneshwar to Brahmapur in Orissa to experience the pristine natural beauty of the serene CHILIKA LAGOON on your left and the gently undulating slopes of the Eastern Ghats on your right.  This journey brings alive the rustic life of Orissa in all its natural beauty, something that will definitely catch your eye.

Travencore Railway

(19) THE TRAVANCORE RAILWAY : {Punalur – Sengottai } —– Journey on an erstwhile rail line through the lush forested CARDAMOM HILLS as you listen to the symphony of chirping crickets, cooing birds and gushing streams.  Travel atop the 13-pillar KANNAR BRIDGE parallel to the river and road to enter a tunnel under a mountain in Kerala and emerge seeing the endless paddy fields of Tamil Nadu.

Odisha landscape

(20) ORISSA TRIBAL ODYSSEY : {Koraput to Rayagada } —– Taking you through the tribal Odisha, this train journey will take you to the sprawling meadows, roaring rapids and terraced valleys of the mystical  DEOMALI HILLS.  Observe the beautiful inter-mingling of natural beauty on this train journey.

Island Express Indian Railways

(21) ISLAND EXPRESS : {Kanyakumari – Thiruvananthapuram } —– More of a cultural stroll through South India, the Indian Express takes through the forest canopies and long grassy verges of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  Look beyond the hanging creepers and green lushness for glimpses of everyday life ——- men and women working in fields against a backdrop of little white-washed Churches and tiny houses.

Western Ghats

(22) THE WESTERN GHAT SAUNTER : {Karjat – Lonavla } —– “Mesmerized” is how you will feel after completing the train journey from Karjat to Lonavla.  The train arrows into dark tunnels and emerges with a burst of green light on the slopes draped with virgin forest and streaked with silvery waterfalls before tracing the contours of the craggy landscape of the Western Ghats.

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