This & That…


(1) We can never obtain peace in the world, if we neglect the “inner world” and don’t make peace with ourselves.  World Peace is a must development of the “inner peace”, without which it is impossible to achieve “world peace.”
(2) A “friend ” is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you WHEN YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE WORDS.
(3) The 3 states of ‘balance” :
(a) RESTLESS —- LOWEST (cone on its apex) ;
(b) FRAGILE —- INTERMEDIATE (cone on its side);
(c) STEADY —- BEST (cone on its base) .
(a) Restless : Totally dependent on external factors ;
(b) Fragile : Calm by yourself, slightest fluctuation creates long spells of mental anguish ;
(c) Steady : Constantly at peace, irrespective of what the world offers.
(4) Do you know  that most of the world’s fastest runners originate from a single tribe in Kenya, Africa ?  ——— the KALENJINS.
(5) Understand who you are.  Do not lose your identity —— and the world will lose its sting.
(6) PERFECTIONISM can be a curse that often leads to depression.  Perfectionists may have unrealistic views about failure, and are overly critical of themselves, say psychologists.
A million flowers
without reserve
there is a smile
which touches the sun
something unknown passes
a mighty message
for the beholder is born.
The flowers
beckon him to see
a small truth of life
a moment to love
a moment to cherish
and a moment to die !
So, the moments we live
should be cherished
with love
lest we die.
—- Veraiconica”s Blog. 
(8) The tendency to compulsively “chew & consume excessive amounts of ice actually has a name —– PAPOPHAGIA.  The habit is a form of PICA, a condition that comes with a tendency to eat non-food items, that have no nutritional value, such as clay or soil.  Chewing ice may be a sign of “iron deficiency”. Less often, PICA can be a sign of emotional problems, such as stress or OCD.
(9) George Burns once said : “If you live to be a 100, you’ve got it made.  Very few people die —- past that age.
(10) If it is a “psychic” network, why do they need a phone number ?
(11) The mirror is my best friend, because when I cry —– it never laughs.
(12) THE TRAVELLER is ACTIVE : He goes in search of people, of adventure and of experience —— THE TOURIST is PASSIVE : He expects interesting things to happen to him.  He goes “sight-seeing”.
(13) Hidekichi Miyazaki (104 years old )  is known as “Golden Bolt”.  He holds the 100mts world record for centenarians at 29.83secs.  In 2010, he was the planet’s fastest centenarian at age 99.  He took up running at the age of 92.
(14) You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
(15) What unique attributes do the following men have ? —— Francis Marion — Swamp Fox ; Erwin Rommel — Desert Fox and Charlie Rich —- Silver Fox.   They all have nicknames involving the word “fox”.
(16) Everything that can be counted, does not necessarily count and everything that counts, cannot necessarily be counted ——- especially mistakes and blessings.
Magnetic Assisted Geometry furniture(17) Furniture that assembles itself : A designer from the Netherlands has developed Generation Next Flat-Pack furniture., that snaps together in minutes, without the need for tools.  Dubbed : MAG that is Magnetic Assisted Geometry.  Benjamin Vermeulen’s  furniture which consists of a chair, a table and a cabinet could be the future of “Ready-to-assemble-furniture”.  The new furniture is easily put together by magnets that snap the pieces shut, so no tools are necessary (bizarre and innovative).
(18) Choose you “friends” with “caution ; Plan your “future” with “purpose” and Frame your “life” with “faith”.
(19) Life beats down and crushes the “soul”.  Art reminds you that “you have one” (soul)
(20) Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. —–Mark Twain.

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