Yousmarg Valley

Yousmarg Valley

YOUSMARG was called ROOSMARG ——— the meadow of deer ———– and with the passage of time it became YOUSMARG.  YOUSMARG, in Kashmiri, means ———— the meadow of Jesus ———- and it is believed, by the natives, that Jesus came to Kashmir and stayed there for some time.
Yousmarg, a sprawling meadow, is 47km to the south of Srinagar and 13km from Charar-i-Sharief town.  Yousmarg has the potential to be the gateway to a number of destinations in its south, west and east, including Doodhpathri, Nilnag, Bargah and Tosa Maidan.  The region, till some decades ago, was famous for a large number of deer that inhabited the region, hence the name Roosmarg (the meadow of deer).


Yousmarg has the potential to be a gateway to a number of destinations.  A starting point is Tattakutti Mountain, which is the source of Doodhganga and Sang Safed Mountain.  You can have a laidback stroll amongst flower-strewn meadows.  Another venue for walkers is a river known by the name of Doodhganga.  Frothing and crashing on its way over the rocks, the river makes a little foam, which give it this name.  A little ahead is a lake ——– Nilnag, surrounded by hills.  The hills comprise several peaks ——— Tattakutti and Sang Safed.  At a distance of about 13km, from Yousmarg, in the Kashmir Valley, is the Charar-i-Sharief, the shrine of the Saint Sheik Noor-ud-Din or Nund Reshi.

Yousmarg winter

In the vicinity of Doodhganga lies the alpine meadow of Tosa Maidan.  A trek of 4km leads to Nilnag, the blue water lake surrounded by pine trees.  Another 10km trek leads to the most interesting “FROZEN LAKE” in Sang Safed Valley.  Most portions of this lake is covered by ice, even during the summer.  A number of tourist huts, restaurants and hotels are available for lodging.  The other activities include Horse riding, fishing, skiing(during winter) and photography.


Tosa Maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grazing by nomads, is connected through rough routes to places like Gulmarg and Poonch.  The region is full of “natural springs” and the one at Khag is most famous for its “curative properties”.  The natural slopes of Yousmarg offer skiing opportunities.  School camps and adventure lovers make a week to a fortnight’s stay at Yousmarg for the thrilling trekking routes around.  Yousmarg is also suitable for young couples, as it is the “quietest place” out of all tourist destinations.

Nilnag lake

The Yousmarg Development Authority has been created in the area in 2005 for the comprehensive and systematic development of the area and to create tourist infrastructure of socio-economic profile of people.  In future, the Authority proposes to arrange craftsmen melas exhibiting local artisans’ products to entice the national as well as international tourists.

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