For a good night’s sleep

Blast from the past…


A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP lays the foundation for good health.  While a lot of research is underway on why people have problems in sleeping, one of the aspects that have come to light is that ONE’S DIET may be the reason for sleep disorders.  While consuming the wrong foods can cause problems, going to bed on an empty stomach can also hinder sleep.
Foods that disturb sleep —– tea, caffeine, other stimulants like soft drinks and alcohol.
Some people have problems with dairy and wheat products as they cause gastro-intestinal problems, congestion and gas.
Eating too much of sugary or spicy food, before sleep, can also cause heartburn.
Chewing tobacco or smoking, before bedtime, also hinders sleep.
a_good_night_s_sleep_9b0641e5b30787ab359f12f6193cce83Everyone responds differently to different meals, with some people reporting that a meal high in whole grains helps them fall asleep, while others swear by a high protein and / or high fat…

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