The art of crafting, lovingly called the “happy pill” of the 21st century, it might just save your mind and body these holidays.
Summer holidays are here, the best time when there is no morning rush to get the children ready for school.  Summer holidays today, are full of snacking (why do they eat so much when it’s holiday time ? ), summer camps, expenses (all that eating, you see) and to-and-fro drives, well, at least until May when all the activity dries out.
summer_crafting_fun_children-620x444For those who don’t send children to zorbing, zip lining and terrarium-building camps, you might find this useful.  Here’s an old-fashioned idea to light that creative spark in your child’s head.  It will require a little planning and some adult supervision.  You may also have to endure ‘I am bored’ yell-outs, but children who go to summer camps say this too.
One of the ways to develop ‘focus’, ‘perseverance’, ‘planning skills’ and a ‘creative mind’ is to engage in a little “crafting”.  How were grannies of old so smart and active with so few mental illnesses ?  They took time ‘off worrying’ …. and knitted or crocheted.
When you start a creative activity, your whole  attention is focused, and the rest of life stands suspended around you.  Problems are temporarily forgotten, stresses take a backseat and you get busy with hands, heart and brain ——– the perfect combination to achieve something spectacular.
Carpet Crafting - 2010 - 2aIdeally, you need to leave your child in a state of boredom for a period of time and he/she will automatically get creative.  Here’s a short cut.  You will need to put in a bit of effort in the beginning, but once you unlock the imagination, your child will spin into worlds of creativity and soon you will have less whining and more stationery lists of ‘things I need’
It is a delightful state, and, just to back that up, research is now showing that crafting can affect us just as meditation does ——— SAME BLISS.  Just begin where you are comfortable ——– your laptop or tab.  Simply search for specifics — ‘craft ideas for 5-year-old boy’ or even ‘craft for dummies’ —– you are sure to find a ton of things.  As soon as you have 3 activities, resist the urge to go on looking ; make a list of things you need and take your child along when you purchase them.  They need to share every bit of the excitement.
When you get down and dirty, stay positive.  Don’t ever say —– “I’m so bad at this”, “this  doesn’t even look like what it’s supposed to be”, “you are making a mess”, etc.  Understand that IT IS MESSY TIME.  Learn together.  Display craft prominently (however ugly).  On the positive side, encouragement will work wonders, the child will only get better at it.  Plus, the crafts will keep coming and you can pull down old pieces to make way for new ones.  Designate an area where things can be shown off ——– like the inside of a bedroom door —— for the children’s viewing pleasure.
Crafting is like fire —– it ignites, and then there is no stopping the blast off.  May you blaze a new trail this summer.  Unlike our hot weather, THIS ONE IS A BLESSING.
————Christobelle Joseph  

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