Blast from the past…


In a Microbiology class, the professor was classifying BACTERIA thus:?-A SPHERICAL BACTERIAL unit is called a COCCUS.  If seen in clusters?-STAPHYLO COCCUS.  If seen in a chain?-STREPTO COCCUS and if seen in twos?-DIPLO COCCUS.  Came a voice from the back:  So a COCCUS is known by the COMPANY HE KEEPS?  


Here now is a very interesting topic: FIXED INTEREST.=======Have you noticed that there are some numbers that never change? 

(1)  11 million dollars, for instance.  That is the amount for which Americans sue each other. Here are some other figures that never change :??===50,000 :===The gap between the police estimate of the crowd at a protest rally and the estimate of the organisers. 

(2)?4? The number of years that elapse between the death of a very famous person and the appearance of a book revealing that he was murdered. 

(3)? The number of times, while sitting in an…

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