Contentment  simplifies our life, reduces stress, relaxes our body, changes our outlook and soon we start enjoying life in the real sense.
We are not content with what we have, we continuously wish and aim for something futuristic.  Objects have replaced our desires to be a better person, or be fantastic in our lives.  Instead, we compare our achievements by the number of objects we possess.
If you truly believe that wearing the most expensive clothes or driving a Ferrari or having a big house will bring you peace of mind and contentment, you are mistaken.  Even after having acquired all these possessions, you might be just tossing and turning in your bed at night as you are not at peace within.


Content can be found even in a small home where you are surrounded by those who love you.  Contentment does not come from possessions which make you happy for a short while.  Soon you start searching for other objects to make you happy.  Having a desire to own expensive things is not wrong, but you have to understand their true worth.  Nothing should come at the cost of your peace of mind.  But, most of the time we realise this too late.
Do achieve things, but do not get possessed by them, remember what attracts you today may bore you tomorrow.
Contentment is in the now, it is a reflection of all the small and big blessings you have.  It is the courage that you had shown in difficult times, it is in the truthfulness you follow towards yourself and around.  When you start enjoying each moment of your life, when you feel you have good friends, when you start doing things selflessly, when you don’t focus on objects but something higher than that, when you understand you are much more than what people think you are, when you know what a beautiful soul you are, you will be content and satisfied  in life.  Start enjoying life in the true sense.  Freedom is the reward we get out of contentment, as we are free to love, accept and enjoy who we truly are.
——-Priyanka Vashishth.

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