If you thought “surrender” meant defeat, it’s time you look at it from a different perspective.  “Surrender” is not about giving up or accepting defeat, it means “acceptance, peace and joy”.
When you talk about surrender, the first thing that comes to mind is to accept defeat.  A term that is considered so powerful and positive in spirituality is always looked from a negative point of view.  Even dictionaries define “surrender” as “to give up”.  In a world full of material needs and corporate deadlines, the one who is not ready to fight or gives up easily is tagged a “quitter”.  However, there can be more than one meaning to “surrender”, but very few can define it with a positive outlook.
“Surrender” is not about “giving up” or “accepting defeat”, sometimes “surrender” can be the only reason behind your joy.  “Surrender means “acceptance, peace and joy”.  As author Nicholas Evans rightly says, “Sometimes what seems like surrender isn’t surrender at all.  It’s about what’s going on in our hearts.  About seeing clearly the way life is and accepting it, whatever the pain, because the pain of not being true to it is by far, far greater.”
How can we learn to surrender without having the feeling similar to that of “quitting ?”  It is important to do a self-analysis and check if you are ready to follow the path of “surrender” and not feel guilty about it later.
When facing a tough situation in life, if you feel tired of forcing yourself too hard against the currents or events of life, there comes a willingness to change, and to accept the situation.  YOU ARE READY TO SURRENDER !
surrender-rena-marzoukOne cannot experience surrender at one go.  There are multiple phases to it.  To begin with, it is very important to stop judging and compare yourself to another.  Every person has a different set of roles to play.  Simply put —— LET GO & LET GOD.  It is about living each moment and not worrying about what is yet to come.
It is not necessary to keep fighting with life.  One should learn to balance life between “struggle” and “surrender”.  Being in this state allows us to be at peace, because “faith” helps us move ahead very calmly and be at peace with the “flow of life”.  When nothing seems to go as planned, one should learn the art of surrender by living a life of belief and reversing any negative or fearful thought with a positive situation.  There is always something good behind every situation ——– FIND IT.
Surrender your life in the hands of the Creator, sit back, pray, meditate, relax and calmly observe and go with the flow whatever it be.  Accept without resistance, it will help you to regain your power in the most difficult situations.
———— Vidisha Singh.  

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