This & That…

(1). My heart, my fellow traveller
It has been decreed again
That you and I be exiled
Go calling out in every street
Turn to every town
To search for a clue of a messenger from our Beloved.
—- Faiz Ahmed Faiz. 
(2) GENIUS lies in all of us ———— JUST WAITING TO BE RELEASED —— Adam Piore.
picasso(3)  What you seek is seeking you.  We are all looking for something —— Rumi.
(4) I like the concept of a “Masculine Divine Energy” and the “Feminine Devotee”.  To me, it is the duality, the idea that one cannot exist without the other.
(5) Every year, Louis Vuitton burns all their leftover bags and accessories to “preserve the high-class nature of the brand, its exclusivity and its value
(6) R. K. Laxman’s “Common Man” cartoons were used by gamblers, who looked at “how many fingers the character was holding up” to decide their wager for the day.
(7) We want something that we can put our faith I.  We put our love into our children or into an important relationship, into someone who helped us when nobody else did, or even a career  We are all in constant pursuit of that “something” —- the reason we give ourselves for getting out of bed every morning.—– Meghna Das.
(8) What washes up on “tiny beaches” ? ————- MICRO-WAVES.
(9) A wise school teacher sent this note to all parents on the 1st day of school :  “If you promise not to believe everything your child says “happens in school”, I’ll promise not to believe everything he says “happens at home”.
(10) To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.  I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.
rumi_painting(11) There is no “abstract art”.  You must always start with something.  Afterwards, “you can remove all traces of reality”. —-Picasso
(12) What do you get if you put a radio in the fridge ?  —- COOL MUSIC.
(13) Language is a funny thing, and English is even funnier than most.  HORSERADISH is another strange beast.  Is it a particular favourite sauce amongst our equine friends ?  Is it made up of bits of horse-meat cunningly disguised ?  Perhaps we are better off not knowing.—– Geraldine Evans.
(14) POWER POSES :  Get into the habit of “sitting up” & “looking up”.  Be mindful of your body positions and give yourself an advantage.  The next time you need some support or extra power to get through a difficult situation, try changing your body position.  Make yourself BIG for 2mins.  Use the changes in your brain to help you face your situation.
Vidya+Sury+-+Haiku+day+29(15) HAIKU is never possible other than in Japanese.  It may never be understood unless read in the Japanese original.  5-7-5 is a rhythm.
(16) With life as short as a half-taken breath, DON’T PLANT ANYTHING BUT LOVE. —Rumi.
(17) Finding it tough to cope with modern life ?  You need 5 friends : (a) An AGONY AUNT (b) An EMOTIONAL SUPPORT (c) A PRACTICAL PERSON (d) SOMEONE GOOD —— WITH MONEY (e) A COLLEAGUE YOU CAN SEEK ADVICE FROM.
 (18) What do you call a South American girl who is always in a hurry ?  —– URGENT — TINA.
(19) It is a myth that dogs only see in Black & White.  They can actually see primarily in blue, greenish-yellow and various shades of grey.
(20) If people knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. —–Michelangelo.  .

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