Be earthy

muladhara___2011_by_karmym-d4e42s4Connecting with the earth helps us draw energy into our body.  The immense healing power of the earth is available to us all the time.  By nature, we are drawn towards earth, for instance, children always crave to play in mud.  But our own inhibitions take us away from its healing powers.  The consciousness of earth becomes more powerful along with its metallic wealth, water bodies, woods and deep-buried lava.
It is said that earth carries the goodness of the upper realm or heaven and evil from the lower realm or hell.  So, its vibrations are harsh as well as calm, yet strong in nature.  Earth is a wonderful mixture of positive and negative, black and white, “yin” and “yang” energies.  That makes earth a learning institute for a soul to evolve, as all these extremities are important for growth.  Without black, the importance of white will never be known.  Only earth provides such opportunities.
Being connected with earth helps in balancing our lower “chakras”, which are important for our graceful stay on the planet.  These “chakras” are related with our survival and existence on earth.
root-chakra-paintingROOT CHAKRA :  A balanced “root” chakra or “muladhara” chakra gives us a sense of belonging and emotional stability.  it helps us in removing worries related to survival.  A sense of not felling at home, incurring more expenses than your income, switching from job to job and being in unequal relationships are symptoms that your “root” chakra is not balanced.  Also. a weak “root” chakra always keeps us worried.  Making connections with the earth helps in balancing the “root” chakra and that further keeps us grounded and emotionally stable.  A weak “root” chakra can be “karmic” and also can be “related to lifestyle”.
symbol-jumbo-sacral-chakraSACRAL CHAKRA :  The “sacral” chakra or “swadhisthana” chakra is related to our emotional wellbeing and vitality.  It is related to all our senses.  An imbalance in the “sacral” chakra can block our emotional welfare and can keep us cut of from our senses and results in lack of self-respect, self-esteem and confidence.  Regular conflicts in all aspects of life and constant boredom are signs that the “sacral” chakra is not balanced.  Healing with earth energy can balance the “sacral” chakra in a wonderful way.
Making small changes in lifestyle are important.  We can be connected with earth energy by following some steps :
** Touching the earth, even for a short time, helps in drawing earth energy into our system.  Walking barefoot on grass is a good way to get connected with the earth.
**Allow children to play safely in mud.  It is a good foundation to balance your lower chakras.
** Include one or few earthen pots either for cooking or storage of food or water in some way.  It keeps sending earth energy into your system.
** Communicate with the other children of Mother Earth —— plants and animals in your own unique way.  This helps in balancing both lower chakras and gives us a sense of belonging.
** Dried grass contains lots of powerful energy of earth.  Keep it in an earthen bowl in a corner of your home and the workplace.  It will absorb the negativity of the environment.
** Wear stones and metals found in the earth.
** Earth colours are green, white, orange and red.  Wear them often if you feel your lower chakras are not balanced.
** Use of eco-friendly goods and recycled things are other ways through which you can express your gratitude towards your temporary abode — EARTH.
The constant rotation of the earth brings changes in climate and in the cycles of harvesting and migration.  It reminds us always that every phase of life is temporary in nature, and bound to pass.
——————–Rama Awasthi. 

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