Every woman, as the embodiment of SHAKTI, has three aspects to her —- creation (janani), preservation and destruction.  Suppression of any of the three aspects results in “imbalance”, causing the woman to fall ill.  It’s not without reason that the incidents of cancer are so high in women.  A man, if he understands all these three aspects of a woman and nurtures them, can never go wrong.  He will always be successful.  A home where all the three aspects of a woman are nurtured, such a home prospers.  Nothing wrong can touch it.

Ganesh janani

Every day, too, can be divided into three parts ——- each corresponding to a specific aspect of SHAKTI.  In fact, the Vedic science of “havan” also talks about performing “havan” three times in a day, before the sun sets corresponding to the three aspects of SHAKTI.  However, a “havan” is performed long after the sun set, because there is a “fourth” aspect, which has in it the essence (samavesh) of all the three aspects of SHAKTI.  One must not forget that SHAKTI runs the creation.  A man cannot do anything without SHAKTI.  Therefore, when a man performs a “havan”, he needs to have the SHAKTI (whether his mother, daughter, sister or wife) to be seated on his left.  A “havan” is incomplete if there is no presence of a woman.
While a woman is SHAKTI, the “nature” of SHAKTI is “chanchal”.  An imbalanced woman is like a bomb, a bomb which when explodes, first destroys itself and then everyone around it.  In fact, when women get emotionally volatile, the first thought that comes to them is, “let me kill myself”.  A Guru is like a “bomb diffuser”, the difference being that while the bomb diffusing squad wear suits, the Guru has to diffuse the bomb without any protective suit.  A Guru’s job is not an easy one.  First the Guru has to save the bomb from self-destruction, as well as the people and environment around her.

Destructive mood of Shakti

However, when a woman comes into a state of balance, nothing is impossible for her.  Even in Guru “tantra” it is mentioned that a woman, as a Guru, is pure SHAKTI, which leads to phenomenal experiences.  A woman used as an embodiment of negative (asuric vritti) forces seeks only destruction and the Guru cannot prevent it.
A woman’s life is a “karmic” one.  She experiences pain in three aspects of her being —- (whether it is creation—child birth, preservation —– being in the kitchen, running the house or destruction — blowing up herself and those around her)  It is a payback of which river Ganga and mother Earth are ample proof.  Ganga washes away sins and takes the pain of all people ; mother Earth holds Ganga and bears the same atrocities committed on her.  That is why the water of Ganga is non-potable and the soil of mother Earth has turned a dirty brown.
There are two aspects to creation and all its manifestations : The “force” inside a woman has the ability to self-destruct or be channelized towards positivity.  The latter assures entitlement to acquire plenty of good karma that she can direct towards a higher plane, like evolution.  But the former is also a strong possibility in the absence of a Guru.
——– Yogi Ashwini.

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