Moon – Symbol of power

purnima meditation

It is believed that the fortnightly cycle of the moon exerts a great influence on the human anatomy.
PURNIMA is “full moon”.  The day of PURNIMA is the day in each month in which the “full moon” occurs, and marks the division in each month between the two lunar fortnights. The SHUKLA (bright) PAKSHA is the fortnight before, and the KRISHNA (dark) PAKSHA is the fortnight after PURNIMA.
AMAVASYA, is the name of the “new moon night”.  It is the first night of the first quarter of the lunar month.  Since the moon is invisible on the day, AMAVASYA is also referred to as “no moon night”.  In most beliefs AMAVASYA is not auspicious.  Many Hindus choose this day to make offerings (tharpan) to their ancestors.  No new beginnings or important ceremonies are held on the day.  No auspicious work is ever done on AMAVASYA.  PURNIMA on the other hand is associate with prosperity and divinity.
However, any task that is done on PURNIMA is expected to be successful.  It is good to fast or eat light on full moon days as it is said to reduce the acidic content in our system, slow down the metabolic rates.  Fasting increases endurance also works on the bod and mind balance.


MAHA MRITYUNJAY JAPA (recited 108 times) is a very powerful “japa” that is done on PURNIMA.  It eradicates any negativity which one is facing and makes the full month positive and auspicious.  There are a few guidelines for using the energy of the full moon to benefit oneself.  It is recommended to follow these two days after the full moon night.
(1) THINK POSITIVE :  Your thoughts get energised and multiplied on a full moon night, so if you think positively, that will be sent to the universe and multiplied.  An attitude of gratitude is what is recommended.
(2) DO NOT ARGUE OR GET ANGRY :  Try to stay calm during these days, forgive others for their mistakes, instead of arguing and do not use harsh words.
(3) MEDITATE :  The full moon gives us such energy that we need to channelize this energy to our maximum benefit.  Meditating during this time brings in calmness and serenity within us.
(4) PEN DOWN YOUR VISIONS & GOALS :  Imagine your dreams, your vision in life, your goals and write them down ——– the power of the universe is immense at this time.  Whatever you ask with clean thoughts and   intentions, the universe will give it to you.
(5) LOVE PEOPLE & PLACES AROUND YOU :  Heal every soul with your thoughts.  This is the time to let people who have hurt you go and thank them for coming into your life and teaching you lessons.
Donate to the poor, try to bring a smile on people’s faces.  Remember, it will come back to you a hundredfold.  


* Sit on the floor or if possible on the grass on a full moon night.
* Keep your eyes focussed ——- feel the beams of the moon enter your body, from the head to the feet, touching and purifying each organ of your body.
* Breathe as deeply as you can, and with each breath feel the moon beams go inside your lungs.
* Release all the tension from your body, specially your shoulders, back, knees and feet —— let go of any pain.  Just breathe.  * Invoke God at this time.
* Feel the earth drawing you towards it like a magnetic field, pulling you down —— like a gravitational force and the moon beam shining on your head.
* Feel as if Mother Earth is grounding you and God is showering His blessings upon you through the moon —- the pure light cleansing your soul.
*  Let go of any anger or sadness, think of the people you love and send them this healing light.  Feel blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful people.
* This energy you are imagining is peaceful, loving, cool, soft, angelic —— angels are surrounding and blessing you.
* Now slowly rub your hands and place your palms on your eyes, ears, forehead (third eye) and then on your heart.  Release your palms to a prayer position —— stand slowly.
—– Rabia Kochar.

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