Romantic boat rides

There are a thousand ways to spend time with your loved one —— special occasions or just another day.  But there’s something truly magical about a simple boat ride, in a  place that’s anything but simple.  Here is a list of some of the world’s most romantic river cruises and boat rides :


Starting off with a cliché here, but i’s a cliché for a reason.  Meandering through the many by-lanes that for veins through the city, your gondola will reveal both large and awe-inspiring sights like the Palazzo Barberino, and the sights of the Grand Canal, while also taking in the little architectural gems that you pass by.  All the while being serenaded by your Gondola rider in truly romantic Italian songs.  Very little says “Love” like a Venice Gondola ride with your partner.


To really get a complete image of India spirituality, take this boat ride.  As you gently flow past other occupants of boats, people jamming on the bank, and listening to the melodious Rabindra Sangeet as Kolkota flows by, you’ll feel the majesty, mysticism and power of the river itself.  Being in the presence of this with your companion is an experience bar-none.

Seine cruis

Another bookmarked city in every couple’s list of places to go to, Paris spreads itself out for you, as you sail down the Seine or the city’s many canals.  In one of the city’s many tours, you will bear witness to many of the city’s most treasured spots that dot the shore line, while also being able to take advantage of dinner and a show together right there on the boat.

houseboats in kerala

Staying in a houseboat newly reconstructed from near-ruin and dis-use with most amenities for peace and comfort built in, is a relaxing, luxurious and gorgeous way to spend time with your partner.  Alleppey is a hub in this regard, and will show you the sights and sounds of Kerala with ease and comfort, regardless of age.

bangkok floating market

A testament to a bygone era that stands now mostly for the sake of tourists, the floating markets in Bangkok cannot be missed.  There are several to choose from, but all of them will be well worth your own and your partner’s time.  Shopping and buying eatables from the many floating markets around the city must be on your list.  Add to that a boat ride into the stillness of the night, with just fireflies on the shores to keep you company.  This scene could also serve as a romantic canvas for loving couples.
—– Adam Khan   

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