Choosing the righteous path


If God is everywhere, why does suffering, agony, hatred, enmity and violence exist ?  When we do not get logical answers, our faith gets limited, we start fearing God rather than loving Him.
God is everywhere and He exits as “consciousness” that is formless.  God, as “consciousness”, provides energy to the body, mind, brain and senses, and these instruments misuse the power of “consciousness”.  As a result, hatred, jealousy, violence and suffering manifest.
God’s consciousness is like the ” battery” of a mobile phone or the electricity supply to a TV.  If the mobile phone or TV is misused, can we blame the “battery” or the “electric supply” ?


These instruments (body, mind and senses) are misusing God’s consciousness to spread hatred, jealousy, enmity and violence.  The source of energy —— God’s consciousness cannot be blamed for that.
Soil can reap a rose plane as well as a poisonous plant.  It is up to the person sowing the seed he wants to plant.  Will it be right to blame or question the soil for allowing the poisonous plant to grow and spread poison ?
How can these negativities and destructive attitudes change and allow peace to prevail in the world ?  When we focus on our individual existence, negativity crops in, but when we start focussing on our “source of existence”, that is God’s consciousness, then equality, patience, tolerance and love will prevail.
Focussing on consciousness leads us to the realisation of God and enlightenment.  Once we see consciousness as our source and perceive it everywhere and in every being, then our life becomes a joyful experience, peace will prevail everywhere in the world and hatred, enmity and violence will cease to exist.
——– Sadguru Rameshji. 

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