Princess of Cambridge

Image: BRITAIN-ROYALS-BABYAs HMS Lancaster or Queen’s Frigate paid a touching tribute to “Sister”, the Tower Bridge turned fuchsia, BT Tower lit up in pink with the words “It’s a girl” and British Airways cleared away flight schedules to announce, ‘08:34…… It’s a girl….’, we know a princess is born.  And while the world goes on an ‘aww’ overdrive—— especially now that the Princess of Cambridge has made her first appearance —–we tell you why the NUMBER 2 makes her irresistible.
The 2nd Royal Baby, fondly referred to as “Royal Baby Number Two”——— has a rather interesting connection going with this “three letter digit”.  She is born on May 2, she is also 2yrs younger to His Royal Cuteness Prince George — who is 2yrs himself and was born two years after the Duke and Duchess got married.  Incidentally, the Princess was born two and a half hours after Kate went into labour, a little over 2 days after the Royal Couple celebrated their 4th marriage anniversary on April.  News of the little one’s birth was announced 2mins after the press statement was released by Kensington Palace, (hold your breath) 2 social media platforms. —– Twitter & Instagram.. –It is also reported that earlier last week, the Royal Couple distributed “2 packets of breakfast” (containing 2 items —- croissants and pastries) among those congregated outside St. Mary’s Hospital, in anticipation of the baby’s arrival.  TWO MUCH, RIGHT !!   And while Prince George will rule our hearts, Her Royal Highness, we love you “two”.

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