A power greater than our own

Blast from the past…


When we play a game, we often become so engrossed in it that we forget everything else.  In the same way, we become so engrossed in our daily lives that we forget who we really are.  That forgetfulness cuts us off from our true power. –
In a parable, the vine provides nutrients and life to a branch, without which its vine is merely a dead twig.  We, too, must connect to a flow of energy from a power greater than our own. –


For those who are connected to a spiritual path, the ‘Guru’ is the ‘vine’, the ‘source of power’ that sustains.  When we cut ourselves from the source that sustains us, we are left with the ‘power of ego’  The ‘ego’ has its realm, mainly in a small area of human activity involving intellect, choice and the ability to function in society.  But, if we consider the many basic bodily…

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