Mother and Child

Today is MOTHER’S DAY.  Of course, everyday is MOTHER’S DAY.
Here are a few words of love sent by her child to his mother on MOTHER’S DAY. : What is a MOTHER ? — A MOTHER is someone who knows all our “needs”, our “hopes”, and our “dreams” and “desires”, with a “genuine interest” in all that we do ——– Someone who “guides” and “inspires”.
The “heart” of a MOTHER is “full of compassion”, is “generous”, “kind” and “forgiving”.  The “smile” of a MOTHER is “loving” and “tender”, and ADDS SO MUCH GLADNESS TO LIVING.
There’s another one that runs thus :

When God created MOTHERS
It’s certain that He knew
We’d need the loving, thoughtful things
that only MOTHERS do.
Like knowing when we need a push
Or when we’ve had enough
And giving help and good advice
When problems get too tough.
Like helping us to reach goals
That we’ve been dreaming of
Or being warm and caring
When we need her special love.
Yes, God knew all the beautiful
Things that only MOTHERS do
And that’s exactly why He
So, I wish each and every MOTHER  —————————- A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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