This & That…


(1) All human beings are either OWLS or LARKS, being genetically predisposed to STAY UP LATE or GET UP EARLY and to be at their best “after sundown” or “after dawn”.
(2) REPUTATION is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving. —- Shakespeare.
(3) Raise your words, not your voice.  It is the rain that grows flowers not the thunder. — Rumi. 
(4) If an apple keeps the doctor away, what does an onion do ?  KEEP EVERYONE AWAY.
(5) While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.  —- Groucho Marx
(6) Relish the nightly solitude, spend a moment with a man who dwells within, stitch up a lacerated heart, find blessings that refuse to descend on your mind during the day.  In the night lies a far more peaceful and holier place.  The sunrise is God’s apology, before humans come to wake.  I thank the night, when a poor man is blessed with sleep, for a moment forgetting that tomorrow he again shall have nought to eat.
(7) Celeb Trains :
(a) Dhoni Express : Slow to start, will make up for it on journey’s last phase.
(b) Rajni Express: Can drop you at 2 stations at the same time.
(c) Amir Khan Express : Will only run once a year, and passengers will be selected by Amir himself.
(d) Kiran Bedi Express : Will have no seats.  Will keep changing tracks on its own.
(e) Rohit Shetty Express : It flies.
(f) Kejriwal Express : Will have no seats.  Everybody will sit on the floor.
(g) Amit Shah Express :  Will cover entire India —- except India.
(h) Anna Hazare Express :  Won’t have pantry.
(i) Anurag Kashyap Express : The TTE will abuse you, shout at you and throw you out of the train if you don’t have a ticket.
(8) True Love is hidden in a father’s toil and sweat
True Love is the essence of a mother, her very breath
O naïve, youthful Patron !
True Love you have not seen, true love you have not heard. — Kashif.
(9) Middle Age is when you’ve met so many people, that every new person, you meet, reminds you of someone else. —- Ogden Nash.
(10) The Bible Bar is a granola bar in the US that sells itself as  food the “Gods call good”.  What’s so special about this granola bar ?  —- It is made from 7 foods listed in the Book of Deuteronomy 8.8 of the Bible.  These 7 foods are wheat, barley, figs, raisins, pomegranates, olive oil and honey.

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