Black holes

Free yourself  from the “Black Holes” in your life ——— things and people who sap your time, energy and life force…
The “Black Holes” that are a drag on your physical, mental and spiritual energy could be in the form of people or activities that waste time and energy, and gnaw at your “centre of calm”.  These, if given up, would free up pockets of your day that can be filled with so much more meaningful stuff, leaving you happier and more fulfilled.
black holeA “Black Hole” is a place where gravity becomes such a powerful force that it overwhelms all other forces of the Universe.  Once inside, nothing can escape, not even light.  Even time falls prey to the force and slows down  Astral “Black Holes are events and structures formed far away, with little or no impact on us.  What about those that we create for ourselves ——- people and objects that draw us in inexorably, not allowing an escape back into our own sphere and time ?  Can you enumerate the “Black Holes” you get sucked into daily ?  If you are evolved enough to have a sense of your purpose, and so of the value of your time, you will be able to identify daily incidents that leave you “feeling empty.”
More often than not it is mindless engagement with people whose mental energies and preoccupations don’t match ours.  This can be extremely taxing, and unless you hit upon a topic of common concern and limit the period of interaction, very frustrating too.  However, most of the time we are too polite to cut short, or give a direction to conversations.  Negative people with dire predictions are another “soul-sapping” source, as are those who insist on controlling you as an extension of their own power field, trying to tell you how to lead your life better, and full of nuggets of their own wisdom.
emotional turmoilWildly-raging emotions are another major enervator, in fact, a veritable soul sapper.  An “emotional rollercoaster ride” can leave you distracted and helpless like nothing else.  All else fades away and we are swamped by depression, stress and a sense of helplessness.  Some people specialise in controlling others with their emotions.  They drag you into unnecessary “emotional whirlpools”  —— advancing and retreating, lavishing attention, then ignoring, talking intimately, then lapsing into silence ——- adopting controlling tactics that surround and distract you.  Once you understand the “technique”, you become immune to it.
And then of course there are the myriad things we do which drain away our energy and time.  Sadly, we seem unaware of the toll these take on our lives.  The best of us are susceptible to such “soul-sapping” activities.——- checking our phone repeatedly, refreshing Facebook, worrying endlessly, taking selfies of every moment rather than enjoying it, watching TV aimlessly, procrastinating, hanging onto an unrequited love or bemoaning one that ended………….  Guilty of any ?  The good news is that the first step towards ridding oneself of these “soul-sappers” is to “identify them.”  Stop.  Take stock.  Understand what makes you happy and then slowly start clearing your way towards it by giving up on the “life-sapping forces” that weigh you down and hamper onward movement.


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