Remember to hope

Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are : something to do, something to love, and something to hope for —- George Washington.

Dashrath Manjhi

People laughed when he told them his plans. They thought that he was mad, when he said that he wold split the mountain in half to build a road through it.  He persisted an slowly, blow by blow, he made the miracle happen.  DASRATH MANJHI took more than 22 years, but he built a road through a mountain using only a chisel and hammer.

Steve Jobs

He was a young entrepreneur and he was on top of this world. Together with a friend, he created a world-class company, only to be unceremoniously fired from it.  He did not give up.  He persisted and built on his failures to find other world-class companies including NEXT and PIXAR.  Steve Jobs came back to APPLE.  He came back to revolutionaries computers, phones and, most importantly, to make a dent in the Universe.
What do you think is common in these stories ?  Both the stories are about exemplary courage people showed in the face of adversity.  In short, these are the stories about HOPE and NEVER GIVING UP.  Life may be riddled with challenges and may not seem fair.  You may not be able to solve all your problems at once.  However, Hope will give strength to bear all this.  Hope will make this moment easier to bear as you know the next one will be better. perseverance
You can stay hopeful if you nourish your hope.  You need to start this very moment.  Hope lies in you dreams and imagination.  Talk about your dreams or write them down.  Believe in hope and repeat it to yourself.  It will empower you when you go to accomplish your dreams or work your way out of any adversity.
The best way to grow hope is to “cultivate it”.  Share your optimistic feelings with others.  Help them to stay hopeful , and you will see your hope growing.  You will witness that it all comes back to you when you need it.  Make someone’s dream come true and you will see yours getting fulfilled too.  Be encouraging and you will see your little hope bring some large happiness.

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