Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Since ancient times, FENG SHUI was used from town planning to building mega structures and this Art of Divination was practised by scholars from Taoism, the proponents of which were FANG-SHIH.  FANG means formula, method or technique and SHIH means exponent or practitioner.  Technically the name means “those who are experts of the esoteric techniques.”
Later it further developed into a more scientific base with the invention of the compass during the Ch’ing dynasty which became the science of studying energies —- FENG SHUI.
The art of FENG SHUI enables you to select good property where the “chi” is not affected and the luck not blocked by harmful structures.  For an existing property, the FENG SHUI guidelines enable corrections and activate the good energy of a place through corrections, symbolism and identifying the danger zones.  In other words, FENG SHUI enables you to custom design your ‘luck’ and make you move towards your aspirations by fine-tuning the ‘chi’ (energy) around you.

Feng Shui chart

From a FENG SHUI perspective we can discern various kinds of property, some, which possess intrinsic good energy and fortunes, which benefits everyone’s life.  There are certain areas and neighbourhoods, which tend to have better FENG SHUI and prosperity than other neighbourhoods.  The effect of surroundings and the layout and planning of the locality is the key to this kind of prosperity.


For centuries people in the eastern countries relied on the skills of a FENG SHUI master to assess and guide the energy to activate prosperity and good health.  Even the business community consults FENG SHUI masters in choosing offices, business locations, interiors, décor and also auspicious colours and motifs for their corporate identity and logo.


Oriental medicine and philosophy are based on the premise that along with all the physical aspects of our world there is a movement of a subtle flow of energy.  This is called Chi.  Chi energy flows into our bodies much the same way as blood, but while your blood carries oxygen and nutrients, Chi energy carries your thoughts, ideas, emotions and dreams.  It is important to realize that your thoughts and emotions affect the quality of your Chi energy, as the Chi energy directly affects each of your cells, which could affect you physically.  It is said that Chi energy extends 10cms to 1metre outside your skin and mixes with the surrounding energy.  Hence one can be easily affected by the change of energy in the exterior environment too.


To begin the physical process of changing the energy in your space, take stock of what you have in and around your home.
** De-clutter your ‘space’ to allow unhindered flow of energy, recognize the contributions you need to make to another when you release items you no longer want or need.
** De-clutter your ‘mind’, review your possessions and discard items that no longer hold value   for you with the clear intention of releasing the old thoughts, beliefs and emotions attached to them.
** Identify the ‘zones’ in your home where you feel disturbed.  Introspect if you have been having sleepless nights, arguments or financial issues.
** Check if any ‘additions’ in your home in the form of artefacts, décor, re-locating furniture or change of décor have triggered negative vibes.
Analysing your home or office can reveal the trouble spots and may call for professional advice.  However, the primary approach of listing the feel of the space, identifying the problem areas intuitively and based on experience cold help in mitigating the problem.
——— S BS Surendran (FENG SHUI and VASTU consultant.)

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