Meals for the month of May

The best summer foods are :
GAZPACHO(1) GAZPACHO —-  Why would you want to break into a sweat cooking a hot soup ?  Cold soups are your perfect option.  Among them, the GAZPACHO comes packed with healthy ingredients like tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumber.  It is barely 88 calories per cup with zero cholesterol.
(2) WATERMELON —- Enjoying a slice of WATERMELON on a scorching day is a delicious way to rehydrate yourself.  It’s a fruit that’s over 90% water and scientists say it contains cancer-battling lycopene in more doses than raw tomatoes.  At barely 44 calories a cup, it’s the fruit to gorge on in May.
Grilled chicken kebab(3) GRILLED CHICKEN KEBAB —- CHICKEN KEBABS — plain, not pasted in creamy white marinade — give you the protein kick you need minus the calories.  Bell peppers give you a dose of vitamin C, and they taste deliciously sweet once off the grill.  If you must have a creamy marinade, use plain or hung curd.
(4) CORN —- If eaten roasted or steamed minus butter or salt, CORN( BUTTHA) is one of the best high-protein snack.  You can even add some grains to a salad.  Among its health benefits are diabetes control and lowering hypertension.
sauteed shrimp(5) GRILLED or SAUTEED SHRIMP —- This one makes a good bar snack or a light lunch.  SHRIMPS are high in protein, energise you and provide your 24% of your daily recommended iron intake.  Just ensure they are grilled (have it minus a sauce) or sautéed in light oil.
(6) ZUCCHINI —- Have it the way you please, because this is the perfect veggie to have  to have when temperatures are soaring. It has barely 20 calories per cup, is a fat and cholesterol free and gives you 35% of your daily-recommended vitamin C intake.  Enjoy it raw or dice and toss it in a salad.
Now for the worst summer foods :
(1) MAC & POTATO SALAD —- There’s nothing more comforting than potato and pasta and a MAC & POTATO SALAD seems the perfect lunch pick, but the fattening mayonnaise plays spoiler.  You’ll be piling on 300 calories with a single serving.  In case you can request the chef to use low-fat mayo or replace it with a good-for-the-heart dressing of olive oil, go ahead.
(2) RIBS —- We agree they are the most delicious, but its best if RIBS stay out of your summer menu.  A quarter pound of pork ribs totals 288 calories and is loaded with saturated fat.  Add barbeque sauce, and it gets worse if you are making them at home, skip the sauce.  Instead, use powdered mustard, garlic and chilly powder.


(4) ONION RINGS —- It seems like a harmless snack, but the ONIONS are dipped in maida and beaten eggs before they are liberally salted.  If out, avoid altogether, but if you are stirring up a crunchy snack to go with drinks at home, make a dry batter of whole wheat flour, grated parmesan , beaten egg whites and breadcrumbs.
(5) ICE CREAM SANDWICH —- It is tough staying away from sweetened, frozen milk in the summer, but ICE CREAM SANDWICHED between cookies add almost 500 calories to your daily calculation.  That’s because it earns 60% of its flavour from saturated fat.  Switch ice cream for low-calorie sorbets.  .

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