The escape within

The series of earthquakes in Nepal and India have shaken the world deeply and scientists in the West are expecting more earthquakes to shake the planet. Professor Bill McGuire of the University College London was quoted in the “Newsweek” as saying : “There are geological systems all around the planet with unstable volcanoes that are susceptible when it comes to risk, I’m afraid there is a very, very long list.”
zenThe insensitivity of our lifestyle towards the Earth has done tremendous harm.  While scientists and politicians are busy providing solutions, here is a story about a Japanese Zen Master who was invited to a satsang at a mansion. —- A few seekers had gathered for the session.  As the Master started talking, there was an earthquake.  Japan experiences earthquakes on a frequent basis.  They were all assembled on the 7th floor of a seven-storeyed building.  Everybody tried to escape.  The host, running by, stopped to see what had happened to the Zen Master.  The Master was there with not even a ripple of anxiety on his face.  He sat with his eyes closed, just as he was before the tremors began.
Seeing this, the host felt a little guilty.  The other guests had already gone downstairs, but he stopped.  Though trembling with fear, he sat down beside the Master.  After the tremors were over, the disciples began to tiptoe back to where the Master was sitting in silence.  When they asked him why he did not run away, he replied, ” I also escaped, but you escaped outwardly, I escaped within.  Your escape is useless, because wherever you are going, there is an earthquake, so it is meaningless, it makes no sense.  You may reach the 6th storey, or the 5th or the 4th, but there too you will feel the tremors.  I escaped to a point, within me, where no earthquake ever reaches, cannot reach.  I entered my centre.”
Thus, meditation brings you face to face with reality.  Once you know what life is, you never bother about death..  Meditation is the only way to “deathlessness.”
—————— Swami Chaitanya Keerti.

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