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(1) An oil lamp becomes “brighter” when it is “trimmed”, a truth becomes “clearer” after “being discussed”.  When facing a ‘complicating problem”, only by “discussion” and “debate” can we get the correct answer.  Truth develops through the comparison of ideas. ——- Chinese saying. 

(2) A tree that can fill the span of a man’s arms, grows from a downy tip ; a terrace of 9 stories high rises from shovelfuls of earth ; a journey of a 1000 miles starts from beneath one’s feet. —Lao-Tzu.
(3)  Had I the Heavens’ embroidered cloths
Wrought with golden and silver light
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
of night and light and the half light
I would spread the cloths under your feet
But I, being poor, have only my dreams
I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.  —— Yeats.
(4) A family is a place where “principles” are “hammered” and “honed” on the “anvil” of “everyday living”. 
(5) Muhammad Iqbal, one of the greatest poets of the sub-continent, wrote in his diary :  Nations are born in the hearts of poets and die in the hands of politicians.
(6) The word CLEAVE is the only English word with 2 synonyms which are antonyms of each other —– “adhere” and “separate”.
(7) James Arruda Henry published his book at the age of 98.  The name of the book : In A Fisherman’s Language in 2011.  His book has sold 3000 copies since its publication.  He was inspired by George Dawson, the grandson of a slave, who started learning at the age of 98.
(8) The family is the “giant shock absorber of society”, to which the “bruised and battered individual” returns after “doing battle with the world”. 
(9) NOSTALGIA is like a grammar lesson : You find the present —- tense, but the past —- perfect.
(10) Fasting does not mean just “abstinence from food” :  We eat “forms” through our “eyes”, “sounds” through our “ears”, “fragrances” through our “noses” and so on.  All of this is actually feeding our mind and our mind feeds on these “sense perceptions” and thereafter, constantly runs outward in their direction “becoming totally dissipated”.
72-P-JB-Yeats-Off-the-Donegal-Coast(11) Heal others without revealing yourself as a healer.  Your capacity to heal will be enhanced.
(12) When in charge —- ponder.  When in doubt —- mumble.  When in trouble —– delegate.
(13) In “war time” truth is so precious, that it should always be attended by a “bodyguard of lies”. —-Churchill.
(14) The correct temperature at home is maintained by “warm hearts” and “cool heads” ; not by good ventilation, fans and air conditioners. 
(15) It is better to drink of deep sorrows than to taste shallow pleasures.
(16) Sloane Crosley, an essayist, wrote, : I used to think that “nails-down-a-chalkboard” was the worst sound in the world.  Then I moved on to “people-eating-cereal-on-the-phone”.  But only this week did I stumble across the rightful winner : It’s the sound of a baggage carousel coming to a grinding halt, having reunited every passenger on your flight with their luggage —– except for you.
(18)  Economists have found that “worse the economy” ——- “longer the women’s skirts” and “better the economy” ——- “shorter the skirts”.
(19) I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.  It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.—- Dr. Seuss.
(20) Strong people don’t put others down.  They lift them up and slam them on the ground for “maximum damage”.  

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