Transcendent nature of seeds

Seeds are the transcendent stuff of life, our lives come from seeds.  Seeds are what enabled life to be maintained from primitive times unto today.  Every human being, ever born, came from a seed, so too, all animal and plant life that sustained us as food, all that humans wore on their backs, before synthetics, all aspects of shelter, all original tools of culture such as writing, music and art —— indeed everything that we depended on to continue the generations.
Transcendent nature of seedsGiven the importance of the seed, it is not unfair to say that in our everyday lives we tend to take for granted their power and importance.  We discard seeds as garbage without a though of the mysteries they hold, we pay more for watermelons and lemons engineered to be free of those “pesky” things.
Judaism partially compensates in acknowledging the masterminding ability of seeds in their end product.  Among the favourite aspects of Judaism are the blessings we recite during the course of each day, blessings over the wonders of nature —- food, natural events such as thunder and lightning and great oceans, scenes of beauty, persons of great wisdom, change of seasons and more.  Interestingly, as regards the blessings over food, we are taught to recite not one global blessing for all food but differentiated formulations of thanks to God.
Before biting into an apple, we recite a blessing on this fruit that grows on a tree, we recite a different blessing on a cucumber that grows in the ground or a grape that comes from a vine or bread that comes from a wheat stalk in the earth.  It is not the fullest recognition of the brilliance of the seed, but it does heightens awareness that nature is an exquisitely designed, variegated entity that connects us to the Divine.
——- Sacred Seed, published by The Golden Sufi Centre.

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