The big day


June 21 is no longer just the summer solstice, the day when the northern hemisphere gets the longest hours of daylight, and the beginning of summer.  There are many ways in which the world will celebrate on Sunday, 21st of June, 2015.
In December 2014, UN declared June 21 —– INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY ——- and over the last few weeks politicians and observers have been getting into a twist over the religious and irreligious significance of the 5,000-year-old practice that focuses on “wellness of mind and body.”
FATHER’S DAY is usually observed on the 3rdSunday of June, which happens to be the 21st this year.  Father’s Day is a time to show love and respect for Fathers and all things Paternal.  A day to warm the heart, indeed.
WORLD MUSIC DAY started in France in 1982 as Fete de la Musique.  It is a day that celebrates international music and is observed in more than 12o countries.  The first celebration took place in Paris.  Free concerts are organised in all the cities in which it is held.
NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY :  Since 1996, Canada has been celebrating June 21 as National Aboriginal Day to recognize and celebrate the cultures of indigenous people such as  the Inuit and Metis.  The focus is on the heritage, culture, diversity, languages and achievements native to present-day Canada.
INTERNATIONAL T-SHIRT DAY plays out largely on social media ——– Facebook and Instagram —— and has been around for about seven years.  It is dedicated, as you will no doubt guess, to the tee, and is a day for people to show their love for this casual piece of clothing.  This year, devotees of the T-shirt have been asked to tell stories —— places visited, moments shared —— of their tees by snapping pictures and tagging them on Instagram with #spreadstyle.

International Yoga day

But, the most important day is reserved for YOGA.  Here are some takes on why YOGA is beneficial : BNS REDDY says, “I do Pranayama every day, it helps me distress.  I was DCP (central), one of the toughest jobs in the city.  That’s when I started practising Pranayama, and it helped me immensely.  Yoga is essential for everyone, irrespective of their profession.  And it’s specially important for cops.  It not only helps one distress but also makes one fitter.


KAMLESH BARWAL (Academic Board Member, Yoga School at Sri Sri University, Cuttack : Yoga has made me a happy, successful and better woman.  Over the last 14 years, I travelled around the world to spread the wisdom of yoga and helped 1000s attain a happier, better life.  What began as mere practice for a healthy body and relaxed mind soon turned into a passion.  I want to spend the rest of my life making others happy and imparting good physical and mental health to all.
JUSTICE AS PACHCHAPURE says, “I have been doing yoga since 1994 and feel satisfied with its effect on me.  If not for yoga, my life would have been something else.  I’m of the firm opinion that yoga is necessary both for judges as well as advocates.  It can bring confidence, peace, happiness in discharging duties.
JANON P GHOREISHI, a 45 year old Iranian, chose yoga over a PhD in Physics.  “It’s the philosophy of yoga that attracted me.”  Janon, a yoga instructor whose best pick is SIRSASANA (the yogis headstand), Is one of the many expats in Bengaluru who vouch for yoga and its benefits.

International day of Yoga

KAZUYUKI MIURA, a 38-year-old from Japan, who is a volunteer with Art of Living says, “Yoga heals your mind dramatically.  It has instilled a sense of peace, dynamism and commitment towards society.  The Sun first shows up in Japan.  So, on International Yoga Day, the Japanese will perform SURYA NAMASKAR before others.  I am translating the instructions for them.”

IAN FELTON, British deputy High Commissioner, living in Bengaluru, finds the 12 postures of SURYA NAMASKAR the ideal way to start the day.”


PLAKOR KOVACEVIC, from far away Croatia fell in love with Indian spiritualism, yoga and meditation.  He has been associated with the Art of Living ashram since 2002.  He says, “I have been practising yoga for over 13 years, and have ben teaching in this ashram since 2012.  Yoga has a complete approach towards health and my experience has been profound and deep.”  His favourite asana is SARVANGASANA (supported shoulder stand posture).

NEHRU YUVA KENDRA SANGATHAN (NYKS) will mobilize 2crore youngsters to participate in yoga camps across the country on International Yoga Day.  It will also organize lectures by experts on different aspects of yoga during the youth convention at more than 550 district headquarters.  Mega events will also be held in state capitals, including Lucknow, Patna, Kolkata and Guwahati, where youngsters will learn and practise yoga.  NYKS will observe the day across the country with the theme : YOGA FOR HARMONY & PEACE.

Yoga on the Sangam

Things to remember before and after doing yoga :  Before Yoga :* Yoga should be done on an empty or light stomach.  * A mattress or mat should be used for practising Yoga.  * During pregnancy and menstruation or any illness, yoga experts should be consulted before doing asanas.  *Wear light, comfortable clothes while doing yoga.  *Don’t perform yoga in state of exhaustion or illness.  * Yoga should be done in a calm, quiet atmosphere with a relaxed body and mind.

During and after Yoga :  * Practice sessions should start with a prayer or invocation to relax the mind.  * Breathing should be always through nostrils.  * End yoga session with meditation.  * Perform the asanas according to your capacity.  *Take a bath 20-30mins after practice.  * Consume food 20-30 mins after the session.

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