Healthy substitutes

With Maggi under the scanner, here are a few HEALTHY SUBSTITUTES to instant noodles.


HOMEMADE ATTA NOODLES :  The same kneaded flour that is used to make chappatis on a daily basis can be put into a sieve and pressed into the shape of noodles.  You can also add soya chunks and spinach paste to flavour these noodles and add to its nutritive value. Boil them with a few drops of olive oil to get a non-sticky texture.  They are extremely simple to make, and are a healthy option.  Home masalas like dry coconut, onion paste, tomato puree or leftover vegetables can spice these ATTA NOODLES up.

HOW TO MAKE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE TASTEMAKER : Mix some turmeric, chilly powder, coriander powder, amchur (dried mango powder), ginger-garlic paste and onion paste.  Add these to your healthy noodles to make it tastier.
SEMOLINA VERMICELLI :  Most people think that vermicelli is best used to make desserts, but this rice variant can be had for breakfast or as an evening snack.  Simply add a few vegetables like carrots, beans, green peas and sauté it with ghee.  You can also add a dash of sauce to give it a Chinese flavour.  If you want to savour it the Indian way, you can also add some freshly grated coconut to the cooked vermicelli.


SPAGHETTI : Made of milled wheat and water, this long, thin, cylindrical pasta is any day a healthy alternative.  A simple preparation with boiled veggies and scrambled egg is a perfect quick dish after a long day at work.  You can always add some homemade masalas to enrich the taste.

WHOLE WHEAT/SEMOLINA PASTA : Another healthy alternative, this pasts can be had for breakfast, lunch or snacks.  Just boil it for 5-7mins and toss it with any kind of sauce (preferably a creamy sauce that will enrich the taste of pasta).  There’s a variety of healthy sauces like pesto (basil-based), coconut cream and tomato that are easily available or can be easily made and stocked.  A few veggies are all you need to make up a sumptuous snack.


NOOL PUTTU / IDIYAPPAM :  Popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it’s a desi homemade version of rice noodles.  Known as Iddiyappam or Nool Puttu, these string-like noodles are prepared by kneading a mixture of rice flour with hot water, ghee and salt.  They are then pressed out of a sieve (or an iddiyappam press) and steamed.  They are usually served with a dash of grated coconut and eaten with a spicy coconut-based curry (potato, gourd, egg, fish or chicken).


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