To kill…or not to kill..


Should we as a society, support the death penalty? More importantly, is it right?

This seemingly innocent question can at first instance, be answered in a direct yes, or a no. People can have quite polarized views when it comes to the death penalty. Some crimes, like the Nirbhaya gang rape case that shook India a few years ago, evoke strong and passionate responses across the D2011-BTL-0127-4046board – yes, the accused all deserve to die. Other cases can be a mixed bag – the hanging of Yakub Memon for instance. The past few days have seen a lot of opinions from a lot of people, again, with some baying for this blood while others begging for mercy on his behalf.

Which brings me back to the question at hand…should we as a society support the death penalty?

While the arguments on its merits and demerits can be long, lets dig a bit…

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