Independence Day

India independence

As we celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY in our country today, let us reflect what “independence” really means.  India became free from British Rule on August 15, 1947.  India was a colony of the British Empire for more than 200 years.

Along with ‘freedom from British rule”, we need to cultivate “spiritual freedom”.  Our soul remains colonised by our mind and body, and is trapped in a vicious cycle of life and death and yearns for “freedom”.  The illusion of life is that we believe this world is our true home.  But, this world is made up of matter and our body is no different.  If we reduce our body and the world, we find that we are made up of atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen among other elements.
Like a child’s playing blocks, we, and the world around us, are assembled with the same building blocks BUT IN VARIOUS COMBINATIONS.  We are “souls” —- citizens of God’s realm.  The “soul” and “God” are the only truths there are in this world.  In order to find God, we have to turn to the inner self, and we will find true happiness and freedom there.
India Independence Day
As we celebrate our country’s Independence Day, let us also strive to achieve “spiritual independence”.  Let us start working towards the independence of our souls.  Let us remember that we are souls stuck in this world and our true nature is BLISS, JOY & LOVE.
What does freedom really mean ?  What should we free ourselves from ?  These are questions to ponder on.  We have to get rid of the shackles of prejudice, hatred, selfishness, greed, unkindness, etc., these are the real chains that bind us and we have to get rid of them to experience true INDEPENDENCE.
Sant Rajinder Singhji

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