Family harmony


Without FAMILY HARMONY, one cannot be genuinely happy in life, be successful and cannot live a life that is worth living.  Complete “family harmony” is the key to happiness, prosperity and success.

Family harmony means that there is an atmosphere of absolute peace, relaxation, unconditional love, fearlessness, understanding, freedom of expression.
Although the responsibility for creating such harmony lies on every member of the family, the initiative is expected from the elders of the family.  Parents should neither talk negative about their children nor abuse or hurt their feelings, as depressed feelings often impede the progress of children.  Conversations between parents and children should not always be “teaching” conversations, but “learning” conversations as well.
A six-point formula (A, B, C, D, E, F) can work wonders for complete “family harmony”.
*ACCEPTANCE : Accept every family member as they are without any complaint or comparison.  Every soul who comes to a family comes with a distinct attitude, behaviour, knowledge, karma and experience.  Comparison with another soul is neither appropriate nor desirable.
 * BE A CHILD & NOT A GROWNUP :  A child is always in an “egoless state”, is happy without any reason, forgets quarrels, does not carry any impressions (good or bad) in his/her mind and is always in a relaxed state of mind.
* CONFLICT AVOIDANCE : Every family member should try to avoid conflicts and quarrels.  A winner in an argument is actually a “loser”, because even if he wins an argument, he loses the harmony of relationship.
* DIL (heart) & NOT DIMAAG (head) :  The heart is always in a mode of compassion, love and giving, but the head is full of jealousy, hatred, ego and revenge.  Never allow your head to rule your head.
* EXPECT LESS : Expectation is the major cause for anger, irritation, frustration, disappointment and depression.  Reduce expectations from family members and you will be happy all the time.
FORGET & FORGIVE :  Every member should develop the habit of forgetting past quarrels, seeking forgiveness and forgiving others (irrespective of who was right and who was wrong).  Carrying the dead load of past incidents without forgiving takes away the happiness of the present.
——————.  Sadguru Rameshji.

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