Mount Titlis

TITLIS straddles the border between the cantons of OBWALDEN & BERNE, and is a mountain of the URI ALPS.  At 3,238 mts above sea level, it is the highest summit of the range north of the SUSTEN PASS.  It is mainly accessed from ENGELBERG on the north side and is famous as the site of the world’s first revolving cable car, TITLIS ROTAIR, with a futuristic design.

Mount Titlis tour

The main summit of TITLIS (sometimes distinguished by the name GROSS TITLIS) and KLEIN TITLIS are both located between the municipalities of ENGELBERG on the north and GAMEN on the south.  The TITLIS MASSIF is also partially located in NIDWALDEN, where the highest point of the canton is found : the ROTSTOCKLI (2,901m).  East of TITLIS is the GRASSEN, where the borders between the cantons of OBWALDEN, BERNE & URI converge.  The geographical centre of Switzerland is situated about 15km west of the mountain.

TITLIS is the highest mountain in the portion of URI ALPS, and this part of the range is located between the valleys of the HASLI (west) and the REUSS (east), thus separating the waters feeding  the basins of the AAR & REUSS respectively.  On the north side the valley of Engelberg (ENGELBERGERTAL) is drained by the ENGELBERGER AA, a tributary of the Reuss.  The valley is located southwards from Lake Lucerne.  The northern side of the MASSIF is covered by the TITLIS glacier (TITLISGLETSCHER).  The south steep and rocky face rises above the WENDEN glacier named FIRNALPELIGLETSCHER.

Titlis mountain

TITLIS CLIFF WALK :  Europe’s highest suspension bridge, 3,041m above sea level, 500m above the ground —— 150 heart-pounding steps.  This is what awaits you on the TITLIS CLIFF WALK, the spectacular suspension bridge —- high up on the summit.  To cross the bridge, you’ll need nerves as strong as the steel cables from which it hangs.  On arriving at the summit, the route leads you through an underground tunnel and on to the viewing platform at the south wall window.  The suspension bridge stretches from here to the ICE FLYER Glacier Chair-Lift Station.  The Titlis Cliff Walk is just 1m wide and 100m long.  The views into the abyss below are breath-taking.  This Cliff Walk holds the record for being the highest suspension bridge in Europe.  Entry to the Cliff Walk is free of charge.  Please note the suspension bridge will be closed in bad weather.

Titlis cliff walk

The TITLIS ROTAIR revolving gondola transports you easily to the mountain station.  Visit the Swiss Lion shop, the world’s highest “watch shop”.  The Glacier Cave is only a snowball’s throw from the mountain station.  The glistening blue ice tunnel leads deep down into the fascinating world inside the Glacier.  The Glacier Cave is bathed in a dim turquoise-blue light.  On the walls millions of tiny ice crystals sparkle.  The air is so cold that tiny white clouds appear when you breathe.  The Glacier Cave forms the “frosty heart” of TITLIS.  The ice here was frozen long before pre-historic man discovered how to make fire using PYRITE.  The Cave’s 150m long walkway branches out in several directions and descends 20m below the surface of the Glacier.  The hazy atmosphere is the result of tiny air pockets in the ice, and the blue colour is caused by the refraction of light.  Exploring the Glacier Cave is quite a cool experience.  The temperature inside the Cave remains a frosty -1.5degrees C.  Entry to the Glacier Cave is free.

TITLIS is a year-round winter wonderland.  It is the jewel in Central Switzerland’s crown and the only publicly accessible glacier in the area.  You will feel on top of the world as you take in the views of snow-covered mountains and unspoilt Alpine landscapes.

Titlis Rotair

The TITLIS ski area is home to more than 80km of PISTES, with slopes to suit every ability.  The season lasts from October till May.  And, in the summer, the mountain is a MECCA for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  High up on the summit, there’s only ever one season —— WINTER.

SWISS LION SHOP :  is situated on the summit of TITLIS.  It is the world’s highest “watch shop”.  This specialist shop stocks a wide range of fine, high-quality watches from renowned Swiss brands.  These beautiful time pieces will provide a lasting memory of your fantastic time on the TITLIS Glacier.

Mt Titlis Switzerland

At the TITLIS GLACIER PARK, there is high-speed fun in the snow all year round.  Whiz down the snow toy run on one of the fun balancers, snake gliss or mini bobs and let the magic carpet conveyor belt whisk you quickly and easily back to the top.

SNOWTUBING is the ultimate sledding experience which will see you skimming the glistening snow as you hurtle down the PISTE on a rubber tyre.  You can choose whether to sit or lie down, whether to set off facing forwards or backwards.  You’re sure to spin full circle several times before reaching the end of this bumpy, yet exhilarating ride.  But, don’t worry the specially-designed run will keep you safely on track.  You can easily access the fun snow activities via the ICE FLYER CHAIR LIFT.  Entry is free.

titlis rotair

Last, but not the least, you can have a true taste sensation at the TITLIS CHOCOLATE SHOP, where you can choose your favourite from over 300 different varieties or create your own personal chocolate package.

In earlier times, TITLIS was known under the names WENDENSTOCK or NOLLEN.  In  a document of 1435, the mountain is called TUTTELSBERG, then the name became TITLISBERG and later TITLIS.  The first ascent of TITLIS was probably made in the year1739.  In March 1967 the Cable Car was inaugurated, and in December 2012, The TITLIS CLIFF WALK opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ENGELBERG — GERSCH cableway.  The summit of TITLIS is located above the “snow line”, thus it has a cold, snowy climate with permanent snow cover and freezing temperatures.

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