Ramagiri Killa

RAMAGIRI KILLA (Fort) is located over a mountain top in the Karimnagar District of the Indian State of Telengana.
The Fort located on the RAMAGIRI HILLS, is near the BEGUMPET Village in KAMANPUR MANDAL.  The Fort was built within a thickly forested area which has a wealth of plant species which includes many medicinal herbs.  The Fort is nestled on the top Ramagiri fortof a picturesque hillock, surrounded by lush green, and provides a magnificent view of the confluence of the MANAIR & GODAVARI Rivers.
The Fort is 65km away from Karimnagar, the district headquarters.  The Karimnagar — Manthan Highway passes close to   Fort.  In the medieval period, RAMAGIRI KILLA was built by the KAKATIYAS of Warangal during the 12th century.  Later, it was controlled by the QUTUB SAHI SULTANATE (1518 — 1687).  In 1656, the Ruler of Golconda, Abdulla Qutb Shah, gifted the fort to his son-in-law who was Aurangzeb’s son.  The fort came under the control of the British Raj in 1791.  It is also said that for Kalidasa, one of the greatest Sanskrit poets, motivation to compose his magnum opus ——- MEGHADUTA ——— a lyrical poem, was Ramagiri Fort.
Built in stone, the fort has many bastions and occupies a large area of a few square kilometres, and the bastions are in octagonal shape.  The fort had been fitted with four forge-welded cannons on the masonry battlements which were built to a height of 39ft. as part of the fort walls.  It has been noted that the mud plaster which covered some of the structures in which layers was a combination of mud, lime, reeds, hair of animals and even blood of animals.
Ramagiri killa 1
The Ramagiri Forest in the area of the Fort is an important is an important source for medicinal plants.  Large numbers of the locals collect the plants and offer them for sale in nearby towns.  Students also visit the area to identify these plants and make herbarium specimens.  In view of the importance for medicinal plants, it has been suggested that the forest of the fort area be declared a Conservation Centre for Medicinal Plants.
This place is also called AARAM – GIRI (Hill of rest or leisure).  There are many important sites on the hill fort right from the mythological places to the recently constructed places by the Kings who ruled the place.
Ramagiri killa
(1) RAMA STHAPITA LINGAM : The Shiva Lingam which was installed by Lord Rama for His prayers.
(2) Foot Prints of Lord Rama & Janaki Mata : On the small hillock, you can see the impressions of the steps, which the local people consider to be those of Lord Rama & Sita.
(3) SITAMMA KOLANU : This is a small pond on the hillock which is considered to be the pond which was built for Sita’s use.
(4) Pits for PASUPU KUMKUMA of Sitamma :  These are the small depressions or shallow pits for storing Sitamma’s saffron and turmeric.
(5) SITA RAMALAYAM :  A Temple dedicated to Lord Rama & Sita.
The recent historical structures which are still present and whose authenticity can be verified are :  Ruined walls, buildings, bastions, mosques, tombs.  PRATAPARUDRUNI KOTA, Horse stable and Elephant shed, the prison, a huge dining hall, secret passages, narrow paths, guns, cannons, cannon balls.  The ruins of CHITRAKOTA, TRATIKOTA, NIMMAKOTA, ammunition rooms.
There are many wells in this place, which have been built by successive Rulers at different times.

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