Lastovo island

Historically a PIRATE VILLAGE ——- a slew of conquerors and invaders  ——-The ILLYRIANS, ROMANS, AVARS & VENETIANS, all ruled here at one point, as did Austria, Italy & Yugoslavia.

The town of LASTOVO is spread over a steep bank of a  natural amphitheatre, overlooking a fertile field, facing away from the sea.  This is unusual, compared to other Adriatic islands, which are normally harbour-side.


LASTOVO has a dynamic landscape consisting of 46 hills and 46 KARSTIC fields that often contain layers of red soil and quartz sand.  The highest point is HUM at 1,368ft and there are another 3 hills higher than 1,300ft —— PLESEVO BRDO, GUMANCE & MALI HUM, and another 13 hills higher than 650ft.  Its “dolomitic” valleys are between “limy” hills and mild “calcareous” slopes rich in caves.  There are 5 caves on the island —– RACA (the largest), PUZAVICA, POZALICA, GRAPCEVA & MEDVIDINA.

Lastovo view

Despite major fires in 1971, 1998 and 2003, about 60% of LASTOVO is covered with forest, mostly HOLM OAKS & ALEPPO PINES & Mediterranean underbrush.  There are rich communities of falcon and hawk nests.  These used to be exploited by the DUBROVNIC REPUBLIC for falconry and traded to other kingdoms, especially to the Kingdom of Naples in the Middle Ages.  The underwater life is the richest in the entire Adriatic, featuring lobsters, crayfish, octopus and many high-prized fish such as JOHN DORY & GROUPERS  There are no venomous snakes on the island.

Lastovo night

LASTOVO possesses all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate  ——- mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers.  The island receives around 2,700 sun-hours per year, ranking it among one of the sunniest in the Adriatic and it is also pleasant for tourists.  Since there are no “surface streams”, residents rely on bores, dams and wells.

Lastovo houses

This tiny “paradise” is bereft of tourists most of the year and attracts only a sprinkling of them in the summer.  Why ?  Fortunately for the traditional way of life that still reigns here.  It has few beaches, 1 hotel and a healthy 5-hour ferry ride from SPLIT.  But if you do brave the ferry ride, you will be rewarded with thick forests and a dramatically craggy coast and the chance to take long, solitary walks accompanied only by birds and the sound of the splashing sea.  On LASTOVO Island, you can admire the Bay of UBLI when you arrive, and then go on to LASTOVO Village where sleeping cats stretch out on the ancient stone stairs that wind up the hilly streets.  The ancient stone houses ———– Renaissance-Era houses ——- with distinctive high terraces and cylindrical chimneys (known locally as FUMARI) that look like miniature minarets.  These houses are appealingly dilapidated and there is a lovely little Renaissance Church.  Take the stairs in front of the Church and climb up the hill to the meteorological station where you can an unforgettable over the islets scattered in the nearby sea.

Lastovo lighthouse

There is one hotel ———- HOTEL SOLITUDO —– in the village of PASADUR —— that is a new hotel with all comforts and it is right on the beach.  For private accommodation try Apartments BRUNA.  You can also stay in a STRUGA LIGHTHOUSE, situated on the southern side of the island.  It was built in 1839 and contains 4 apartments suitable for 2 — 5 people.  The Lighthouse is at a height of 70metres, at the very edge of a steep cliff that offers a magnificent view  of the open sea.  Easy access to the sea through the pine woods on the northern side of the Lighthouse make the STRUGA LIGHTHOUSE a very popular tourist destination.

LASTOVO is a sparsely inhabited island and due to its distance from the mainland, it seems as though it emerges from the blue sea.  There is a regular JADROLINIJA car-ferry that runs from SPLIT to UBLI stopping at VELA LUKA on KORCULA and there is also a fast catamaran in the summer that makes the trip in less than three hours.     .

2 thoughts on “Lastovo

  1. Lastovo is my second home now – and this is one of the best descriptions that I have seen.
    I am not a Lastovats by birth – I married one – but I am now one by choice!
    We have spent Summers, Springs and one Autum there over the last 15 years.
    It is a small patch of paradise – you just have to remember that it is a residential village and it is neither polished or elegant.

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