LUTHERKIRCHE (Luther Church) is one of four main Protestant Churches in Weisbaden, Germany.  It was built from 1908 — 1910 in JUGENDSTIL (the Art Nouveau style) and in accordance with the WEISBADENER PROGRAMM, on a design by Friedrich Putzer.  With 2 great organ players and good acoustics, it is also a concert venue.

In 1903, because of an increase in population, it was decided to build a 4th Protestant Church in Weisbaden.  The city already had 3 Protestant Churches   ———– the MARKTKIRCHE, the BERGKIRCHE & the RINGKIRCHE.
The LUTHERKIRCHE is located off the GUTENBERGPLATZ.  It has a white plaster façade. The most notable features are the 50m high tower and the expansive roof, 20m high, with a ridge rising to 37m, which is supported by a steel construction of a type that was “unusual” at the time.


The TYMPANUM, above the main entrance, is a “mosaic” of the Cross, which features 2 key lines of Martin Luther’s hymn ——– A Mighty Fortress is our God / The Word they still shall let remain.  On the Cross is the CHI rho and it is flanked by the Alpha & the Omega., symbolising Jesus Christ as the beginning and the end of the world and all creation.


The LUTHERKIRCHE forms a “unified” architectural  complex with 2 Parish houses.  The inner space of the Church has 3 parts of the Church services ——— ALTAR ( for the Eucharist), PULPIT ( for the Sermon) and ORGAN( for the music), arranged next to each other in the centre and the participants, in the service, are arranged around these 3 elements.


The Church has 1.200 seats, spanned by a RIB VAULT, supported by 4 columns.  The interior is shaped like a long oval, sloping down lightly over the altar space.  JUGENDSTIL ornamentation decorates the wood panelling on the walls, the ceiling and the MATRONEUM.  All the windows and paintwork, as well as the “bridal staircase” were made by Otto Linnemann (de) of Frankfurt in 1911.

The Church has 2 great Organs, one behind the altar built by Walcker in 1911 and the other opposite built by Klais in 1970.

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