JANMASHTMI marks the day of the birth of KRISHNA, an “avatar”.  AVATARS are agents of change from the negative to the positive, because the inherent nature of creation is destruction.  The “avatar” acts as a ” safety valve” or a “speed breaker.”.  The VARAHA avatar annihilated HIRANYAKSH, NARSINGH avatar came to end HIRANYAKASHIPU, VAMAN avatar protected creation from the ASUR BALI, PARSHURAMA saved humanity from KARTAVIRYA ARJUN, RAM destroyed RAVAN and KRISHNA steered the great war of dharma, the MAHABHARAT.  Krishna avatar was in DWAPAR YUG, we are now in KALIYUG, and therefore another birth of Krishna in this YUG is imperative.


An “avatar” removes the forces responsible for destruction, thus delaying the onset of impending doom and restoring order to society.  The avatar protects.  The positive aspect of creation entails protecting the weak, saving animals from dying, feeding the poor or even the conservation of natural resources.  In this way, we become agents of change, albeit of a minor nature.  While an avatar is an agent of major change.

Krishna tells Arjun in BHAGWAD GITA, “Whenever  the positive is on a decline, and negative peaks, I am born.”  Nothing is constant in creation — it is either moving up or down.  If we look around, the devolution of mankind is apparent.  Pollution has plagued humanity in the form of greed, anger, jealousy, etc.  This manifest itself in our natural surroundings ——- rivers are drying, land and air are full of toxins, animals are suffering and so are humans.  But this also an ideal time for a major change i.e., the birth of an avatar is due.


We are all avatars in our small ways.  If we endorse the positive  side of creation and try to protect it, we are “mini-avatars”, effecting small positive changes at our own level.  If we go the opposite way, looking to destroy creation by killing animals and exploiting nature, then we behave like “asurs”  Then we unconsciously invite an avatar to annihilate us.  This choice lies with us this JANMASHTMI, to decide whether we want to be the agents of change (avatar) or destruction (asur).  A Very Happy JANMASHTMI to one and all.

——— Yogi Ashwini..   

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