Teacher’s Day 2015

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise.  SEEK WHAT THEY SOUGHT.”  ———– Matsuo Basho.
RadhakrishnanToday we are looking to a schoolteacher couple who raised Eight Teachers.  Raising 9 children ———– 8 daughters and a son ——– from the mid – 1960s to about 2000 was quite a struggle or HARISHBHAI and MADHUBEN JADAV, both schoolteachers.  The couple’s meagre salaries meant the family at times survived on ‘khichdi’ for days together.
But Madhuben (74) recalls that when their first child, DAKSHA, was born, they decided from the very beginning that they would raise her to “become a teacher”.  Today, Daksha and her seven younger sisters  ——- Urvashi, Neeta, Kalpana, Parul, Kishori, Krishna and Amita —— are all teachers in various government, municipal and private schools in Ahmedabad.
All of them were inspired by the life and ideals of their parents.  “They were ideal teachers for hundreds of children, so it was just natural for all of us to get deeply influenced by them and inherit their values,” says Daksha.
“Teachers are also preferred as brides because they have secure jobs and will necessarily know how to raise and educate their children,” says Madhuben.
Harishbhai passed away in 2012, after having retired as a Physical Education Teacher from C. N Vidyalaya.
Our SALAAM to this schoolteacher couple for raising these wonderful eight teachers. (their daughters).

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