Bizzare laws

Here are a few BIZARRE LAWS from around the world.  It is a crazy world out there, and in this mad world you have to live by the rules.  But there are some laws which are just plain BIZARRE, to put it mildly.  If you are planning your next vacation abroad, you might want to take a look at some of these BIZARRE LAWS.
bizarre-law(1) GREECE ——– Ever thought of having a destination wedding, which will be the talk of the town ?  But get this —– anyone getting married in Greece is required to publish their “wedding notice” in the Greek newspaper or in the Notice board of the City Hall.  If you are planning to get married there, we suggest carry extra bucks just for the newspaper advertisement.
(2) SWITZERLAND ———- Did you know that it is illegal to flush  the toilet after 10p.m. in Switzerland ?  The reason ?  Well, apart from noise pollution, the Swiss have taken the “love thy neighbour” commandment to the next level.  So, if you are planning to gorge on Swiss cheese, make sure it is for lunch.
(3) SPAIN ——– Planning a road trip in Spain ?  Well, ditch those flip-flops and pack in a pair of shoes.  Driving with flip-flops / sandals is illegal.  The traffic law states that a person needs to wear formal shoes while driving —- failing which you can be fined up to 150 euros.
(4) BOLIVIA —— The next time you are off on your Bolivian adventures, we suggest you go solo.  Because if you are a married woman in Bolivia, we’ve got news for you ——– there is a law that states that a married woman will be refused a 2nd glass of wine.
Bizarre laws(5) USA ——– Talk about specifics ——- if you are in Oklahoma and your donkey decides to nap in the bathtub after 7p.m. —— consider yourself a criminal.  We are not making this up.
(6) DENMARK ——- Denmark could sell itself as the perfect destination  for “budget holidays”.  The Danish take their “food servings” very seriously.  As a matter of fact, if you are dissatisfied with the quantity of food served, you can walk away without paying the bill.  It is not something we recommend, but that is the law.
(7) MILAN —– We know the Italians to be loud, boisterous and way too expressive  ——- but they aren’t showing any of this enthusiasm in Milan.  It is illegal in Milan “to frown”.  So, when in Milan, remember to turn that “frown ” upside down.
(8) ENGLAND ——- Imagine you are breathing your last.  Your life is flashing before your eyes.  Just wait for a minute, look around you and make sure you are not in the British Houses of Parliament ——— where, according to law, it is illegal “to die”.  The last thing you want to do on Earth (quite literally) is to die illegally.
———– NDTV Good Times.

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